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The other night, I went to Mohammed’s home town (not too far north of Downtown Cairo) to sit with a few of his friends.

It was in a small, compact area, with "streets" no larger than the width of a car in some places.

They were lined with homes and shops, smaller than any claustrophobic (like me) would feel comfortable being inside for too much time. And oddly, at least to me, there were too many barber shops. (I need a haircut.)

On the streets, kids ran like crazy. Every age. And alone, with no supervision. But in a safe place like Cairo, I’m not surprised. These kids were doing everything, from playing football to riding their bikes to picking at stuff on the floor and putting it in their mouths (I saw one very young infant doing this haha).

While sitting in Mohammed’s friends shop (a copy / typing / computer service store), a soccer ball came flying in.

One of the friends jumped up immediately and grabbed the ball, almost instinctively. As if it happened every few minutes.

A kid came running in, looking equally scared and sad. He asked for the ball back.

But the friend wouldn’t budge. The soccer ball stayed with its new owner.

The kid begged. "Asif!" (sorry) — "It won’t happen again!"

But nothing. Friend turned around with the ball and went back to his computer.

The boy looked heartbroken. A little Egyptian boy with his Arsenal football jersey.

His hopes of playing for Cairo’s Al-Ahly are now gone, forever.


Hey guys! Pick up line tip 1 is “not doing what she wants”. Have you ever been peaceful strolling around when out of nowhere a cute girl who doesn’t know you and never talks to you asks you to do something for her. You think to yourself “man, she’s hot, I’ll do whatever she wants”. Well, no! Always say no! She hasn’t worked for it!

Simple as that, if she asks you something simply say no. That should be your initial reaction at least. I know there are circumstances in which you will eventually have to comply especially if you’re in a work team or college group. The idea is to let her know that if she wants something from you she’s going to have to work for it. Why? Because she doesn’t deserve it. But…. NO BUTS! So make her sweat. Literally bust her balls, in a playful joking manner. Trust me she’ll love it, but not show it or know it.

What you accomplish with this little NO-first maneuver is that you come off as a very confident aloof guy, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you get her attention or not. Where as if you comply immediately with a “yes my love, my darling, I will do anything for you!” kind of yes, then she will know you’re a wuss with no balls, and not worth her time.

Stop to think about it for a second. How would you feel towards a person that is submissive. Would your respect him/her? If someone says YES to everything you tell them to do without out any resistance, doesn’t it kind of feel like they’re not worth your time?

So the general rule of the thumb is ALWAYS SAY NO! Especially if you like her. I practice by saying no to anyone that asks something of me, haha… Lots of fun. Try it.

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This is just for fun & cuz i think they’re cute 🙂 Song: Taylor Swift-You Belong With Me (— cuz i think it goes well with the whole “pick-up line” thingy (;
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