10 Funny Pick Up Lines For Girls – Cool Pick Up Lines to Use on Guys

Not all the pick up line have to make too much sense to actually work on someone. In this category enter the funny pick up lines for girls also.

With a smile on her face and the right attitude, a girl could go a long way in being able to approach guys.

Funny pick up lines for girls are to be delivered as a flirt and chances of success will be much higher.

Here are some 10 funny pick up lines for girls to use:

1. Excuse me, I noticed you did not notice me.

2. I read the future. From what I could read in your palm, it says that tonight you will invite me on a date.

3. You should not be always so picky. I am not.

4. Have you ever been arrested? It is got to be illegal to look as fine as you.

5. I am sorry to bother you, but I think it is time for us to meet each other.

6. Excuse me, I am lost. Can you give me indications to your heart?

7. Excuse me if I am mistaken, but didn’t we have some fun yesterday at just about this hour?

8. Hello, I am a thief, and I am here to steal your heart.

9. Excuse me, do you have a phone? I need to call to heaven and say I have found an angel.

10. Excuse me, I like you and I got tired of waiting for you to make the first move.

These funny pick up lines for girls will usually work if you show a little smile on your face expression and confidence on your body language, but not always.

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