2/13: Chocolate

2/13: Chocolate
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A caramel-filled one, from a box of chocolates Aubrey gave me.

Many men have been utilizing pick up lines to know women for hundreds of years, some with more victory than others. But what are the most important and good pick up lines for guys. Numerous chat up lines can be used, some are witty and some are cheesy pick up lines but they are all just a means to say hello in a more creative way that may catch the girl’s awareness.

The fact is not whether you will utilize a line or not (you will) the fact is what line you will employ. Fatefully this may not be as easy as it may seem. There are thousands if not millions of great one liners available and despite this most men seem to use the old and lazy lines that are not just effective. These pick up lines for guys really do work as long as you follow a few easy rules.

Don’t be lazy

Using antique chat up lines that everybody used in the stone ages like “Are your feet tired? And because you have been running through my mind all night.” is a notice of being unintelligent or lazy. If you are intelligent enough to read this we will believe you are not ignorant so that leaves lazy. Women will never want to meet up with a guy who is too lazy to even try and attract them appropriately.


Be sincere

Cheesy chat up lines are OK when you are throwing a few one liners around with your buds, but they will not win you any points with the ladies. When you include in your dialogue something like “Was your father a thief? For the reason that he robbed the stars from the sky to place in your eyes.” Maybe she is going to give you a disgusted stare. Though opting one of Lord Byron’s poems to modify and recite while still cheesy, is romantic and will get you noticed, but only if you really mean it. If you find a woman very charming and you say it sincerely, it will work.

Be respectful

Some pick up lines for guys are just plain disrespectful to the woman. Just to serve as an example ‘” Can I purchase you a drink or do you just look for the money?” will surely give you a hard slap. Nice chat up lines are inventive, appealing and respectful. Though you are seeking for a one night stand respect will get you further than not.

Be yourself

The most important thing is to be you. It is the aim for pick up lines for guys to be able to give a good first impression to the guys so the lady they desire will want to get to know them better. Even for a single night or for a couple of night the way is to get her interested.

Going through all 4 of our pick up lines for guys procedures will help you to get a date with that hot little number you have been watching all week. On the contrary if you want more help go to PickUpLinesCentral.com to see upon hundreds of samples of pick up lines for guys today and start utilizing them to know women.

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