40/365 Votre amour c’est la mort

40/365 Votre amour c’est la mort
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“Stay close to me.”Harry Potter
“Always.”Lily Potter

It took me a while to fall asleep last night after seeing Harry Potter 7 Part 2. I’m just warning you now…there’s going to be some spoilers here. So stop reading if you care.

I couldn’t get Snape’s memories out of my head. It’s completely heart breaking to see this badass powerful brilliant wizard get broken down by the one thing that weakens every man’s heart. Love. He put his own safety on the line to betray the darkest wizard of all time just to protect the son of the woman he loves…and the woman he would never have…and it killed him in the end. But even in the end all he can think about is telling him the truth and his mother’s eye’s, which are the same as Harry’s.

It just sucks to think about. I mean yeah Snape was dark so maybe it was karma. I don’t know. I guess most of us will be cursed to be in love with someone we can’t ever have.

I have to get ready to leave to El Bronx. I have to pick up my check at my dad’s house and then go to school again for Financial Aid. You don’t wanna know how many times they have made me go over there…this is just another day.

It was the perfect ending to a great series. Jo was right everyone had their moments. And Ron! Ohhh myyy geeshushh the way he ran after Malfoy screaming, “that’s my girlfriend” was so cute. Their kiss scene was adorable too. I didn’t even see it coming at that time because in the book was outside the room of requirement and in the movie it was in the chamber of secrets. There are so many moments I could just go on and on. Obviously I’m going to see it again. Pffttt! All my friend’s on facebook keep saying “my childhood is over” I’m just sitting here like….uh….I’m never letting go of my childhood. Being an adult is far too boring.

Now outside of the Harry Potter Universe…

Don’t really know what else to say. Well I know what I want to say but I know I shouldn’t say it. Why does this have to be so hard all the time? Why is missing you so painful?


This day started out in such a high peak I feel like the rest of it will just be disappointing. I’m going to shut up before I say something I shouldn’t…even though I already did.

So you go into the the club and you know you’re looking good. You’ve been grooming all day and you’re excited to get out there and meet someone cute women. You’re been going over you’re pick up routine in your head and you feel confident that you have the right moves to get lucky with a perfect 10 this evening….

…but then you see the woman of your dreams and freeze. Now you have absolutely no idea what you are going to say to her?


This happens to guy all the time, but with the guide below you can get over your nerves and speak to her like a proper pick up artist. You’d be surprised how many men will give up at this stage and never go home with anyone. But this is good news for you because when you know the following tips on picking up girls you will have a totally unfair advance!


* Plan your opening line – by the way, you should totally forget about pick up lines because they make you look like a chump. A much better move is to ask her something like “Do you think it’s OK for a guy to go out a strip bar with his buddies? My friend Susan is freaking out and I need some advice.” This will show that you’re a sensitive guy and she will love to give you an answer.

* Don’t be a loner – by far the best thing you can do is find a few close female friends to go out on your pick up missions with you. This will show other women that you’re cool.

* Choose you’re battles well – not every women is open to getting picked up. Don’t go for girls that look like they are just about to leave. Instead look for the ones who are relaxed and dressed to kill. They have come out to find a hot guy this evening.

* Confidence is the key – every pick up expert knows that it’s all about confidence and showing the woman that you’re in control. If you don’t have this naturally you can just copy someone who is confident and after a while it will feel totally natural for you too.

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