5 Of the Funniest Pick up Lines

5 Of the Funniest Pick up Lines


funny pick up lines

Cracking jokes and being the life of a party is one sure way of getting into a girls heart. If you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of making people laugh then be sure to use some of these fantastic pick up lines.

All girls like a good time, and they equally like their men to be able to make them laugh and forget their troubles. If you’re going out on a night on the town don’t forget to memorize some of these pearlers and put them to good use on a hot looking babe. Not only will your buddies be jealous of all the women making eyes at you but you’ll also score a hot date to remember the night by.

Here goes:

Funny Pick Up Line 1.

“CRAP! Something is the matter with my smartphone. (Pause) I don’t think your numbers in it.”

I had to laugh at this one. It even sounds funny just reading it. Please do emphasize “CRAP!” as this is the leading word for the little drama you’re going to impose on the unsuspecting girl. It is a real gem, it cries out class. If you are intending to use this to break the ice, you’re going to be well rewarded. Most women would find this really funny and flattering. You never know you could actually get her phone number with this handy little pick up line.  Well worth trying this one on the woman you want.

Funny Pick up Line 2.

“Hey! Are you wearing space pants? Coz your bum is out of this world!”

This is another extremely funny pick up line. This one is more risqué but do you know what? What girl wouldn’t mind a compliment on her bum? You got to understand women. Girls are funny about their bums and it is one part of their body they are self conscious with. This nicely designed pick up line is just what a girl wants to hear. And of course you might actually get to have some fun. So do challenge yourself, pick a hot looking babe in the room and take a punt on this chat up line. It’s going to work wonders and if you don’t get her number you’d probably got a good laugh.

Funny Pick up Line 3.

“If a huge fat man places you in a stocking. Don’t fret I told Santa I wanted you for a Christmas Present”

This is a cool pick up line. It’s one that you can use at Christmas time. It would work well on any kind of woman, young or old. If you have strong intentions just speak these funny words and there could be a double celebration at Christmas time.

Funny pick up Line 4.

“Is bet you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I see myself in your panties”

This is a superb pick up line for the cheeky. You’re going to have to be gloriously gifted or extremely thick skinned because this little beauty requires a brave man. No doubt you’re going to either get fits of laughter or annoy a woman to the core. Personally I love this one and think it is rude and breaks you out of a dry spell. It’s a good ice breaker. I just hope the girl forgives you for the lack of judgment.

Funny Pick up Line 5.

“Does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?”

This one puts on par with the best funniest pick up lines. I don’t know about you but the image of a woman sniffing a rag and being knocked out by the fumes is rather freaky. But it is great for a laugh. At least you’re going to get the girls attention pretty fast I’d say.

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