How To Approach Girls (The Easy Way)

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How To Approach Girls (The Easy Way)

approach girlsIf you can learn how to approach girls, your sex life, dating life and social life are sure to greatly improve. Most men, however, never figure out this aspect of the game. They don’t have any PLAN, and yet they keep going out to clubs and bars every Friday and Saturday night, trying to pick up girls (and striking out miserably).

They repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and wonder why girls aren’t interested in hooking up with them. They figure that all the hotties in these places are “stuck up,” when in reality these girls are HOPING to meet a cool, confident guy who sparks their interest.

How To Approach Girls (The Effective Way)

Here are the most common mistakes men make when approach girls:

– Asking permission to talk to her. Never say to a girl, “Excuse me, can I know your name?” “Pardon me, may I talk to you?” “Hey, do you mind if I buy you a drink?” Etc.

When you “ask permission,” you are starting the conversation from a position of WEAKNESS. From her point of view, it sounds like you’re apologizing to her in advance because you feel you aren’t worthy of talking to her. This is hardly “Alpha Male” behavior!

It’s just an awful way to start things off. She sees you as being WEAK and NEEDY. Basically, you’re asking her to “give you a chance” — and why should she do that, when there are 37 other guys in this place tonight who also want to talk to her?

Instead, ASSUME that she’ll be interested in talking to you. Go straight into one of the openers that I explain in the Mack Tactics book.

– The third mistake that guys make is asking questions that are totally predictable. Most guys are SO guilty of doing this when they talk to girls! The guy starts running a “job interview” on her and asking boring, obvious questions that she hears every time some dude tries to hit on her at a bar…

“So have you been to this bar before?”

“Are you having fun?”

“Are you from around here?”

Blah blah…

I can guarantee you that if she’s an attractive girl, she’s heard this same, boring line of questioning a million times before. And it signals to her that you’re just another lame, unoriginal guy who is desperately hoping she will like you (but has nothing original to offer).

Instead, use the Conversation Control techniques that are in the Mack Tactics book. When you use the Mack Tactics method, you won’t ever run out of steam during the conversation. You’ll know how to take the conversation to a DEEPER LEVEL that leads to the outcome you want (which couuld mean sex tonight, if you play your cards right).

The cool thing about using these Mack Tactics techniques is that you can get a girl to reveal her deepest secrets, and desires, within minutes. Then you can use this “Intell” to guide her back to your place for a night of incredible sex — or, use the tactics to line up a date with her for tomorrow night.

– The third deadly mistake that guys make: not seeking out good advice. This is the #1 mistake that guys make. Just consider the huge ADVANTAGE that women have over us, in terms of having information at their disposal. Girls are being taught how to attract and land a man since a very young age!. There is a whole multi-billion dollar industry of magazines, TV shows, cosmetics and plastic surgery procedures that help women to score the men they want. But guys have to figure this stuff out for themselves! They have to ask their friends for advice, and normally their buddies have even LESS of a clue than they do!

Now let me show you the system that has shown THOUSANDS of guys around the world how to approach girls with massive confidence, start the conversation in the perfect way, and guide the conversation towards the result they want…

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Originally posted 2011-04-21 07:53:54.

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