Bad Pick Up Lines Guy

bad pick up lines guy

sheer ignorance : part 2 this time he gives helpfull tips to pick up B**ches..

Pick Up Lines To Get Girls – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

One of the questions I get most to my blog ask asking if it’s worth using pick up lines to get girls and which ones work the best. Well the fact is that when most women think of pick up lines they picture some hairy chested Spanish dude whispering cheesy lines in their ear.


“Call an ambulance baby, because you just took my breath away.”

Do you really think any girl worth getting with is going to fall for that? The only way rubbish lines  will work is to make the woman laugh at you.


In most cases pick up lines just blow your cover. If you really want to be a great pick up artist you need to fly under the radar and not let the woman know you are interest until you are actually kissing her. The goal should just be to make her feel a deep attraction without knowing you are even into her. This is why you should never try to pick women up in bars and clubs because they will have spoken to 35 losers that same night.


So if you really want to make this stuff work you need to stop thinking about pick up lines to get girls and start creating a set of magic openers.

Two examples…

1. Hey how’s it going, I just wondered if you would let your boyfriend go to a strip club because my friend Sarah is freaking out?

Tips: You have just found out if she has a boyfriend and let her know that you are friends with other women which she will love

2. Can I ask you a question…how long did you go out with your boyfriend before you decided it was official? My friend Claire has been dating this guy for a few months and he still wants to keep things cool.

Work on openers that make her want to talk to you and have a debate, then be a little bit cocky and ask for her email address.

If she gives it to you just walk away and she will be waiting for you to contact her.

I’m not sure if you have notice this but it’s much easy to get to know a girl over email, and this is great because you can think about an plan every communication with her.

Final thoughts.

You really need to get out of the pick up lines mindset because it’s just going to make you fail with women.

Start up an interesting conversation with openers and then you should just talk to her over email until your first date.

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Originally posted 2015-12-11 05:24:05.