Bluesfest 2009 – July 12 – Girl Talk @ Hard Rock Stage

Bluesfest 2009 – July 12 – Girl Talk @ Hard Rock Stage
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I was so excited when I saw that Girl Talk was part of the Bluesfest line up this year. I’ve become a fan rather recently, but absolutely love what he does. I wasn’t sure at all what to expect from his performance but WOW. This was, by far, the most fun I had at the festival (that is, up until I saw KISS who didn’t disappoint one bit!)

He became less and less clothed as the set went on, and understandably so — the energy level of this man is out of control.

In this Self Esteem Article, I will be talking about why Self Confidence is a major factor in talking to the opposing sex.(getting a girlfriend,or boyfriend)

This is actually my most frequently asked question. People are constantly coming to me with the issues of talking to the opposite sex. Often times I find that they wont even attempt to strike up a conversation due to the fact that they don’t think they are good enough for him/her. Self-Confidence plays a key role in talking to the opposite sex. You must be relaxed, you must feel good about yourself. Most of all, you must not show fear. If you have no self-confidence you will never be able to walk up this mountain.

I’m going to lay it out plain and simple. You will never be good at talking to the opposite sex if you have no confidence in yourself as an individual. SO MANY people always “think” this, or “think” that. “I don’t want to try to talk to her because I just don’t think I’m good enough for her” How will you ever know if you don’t try it? With that attitude, No you will never be good enough.

The biggest part in gaining Self-Confidence is overcoming the fear that “you will never be good enough”. Don’t deny the fact that you have low self-confidence or low self-esteem. Accept it and correct it. Here are a couple tips to quickly boost your self-confidence.


– Dress appropriately: Dress casual, not too fancy. Don’t look like a slob when your trying to talk to a girl/guy for the first time

– Posture: Believe it or not, posture says quite a bit about ones personality and self-confidence. If you are slouched over with your head dragging in the dirt behind you then of course you will not give off positive vibes. On the other hand, sitting/standing erect with your head held high shows you are more interested in him/her

– Speak with enthusiasm: If you sound like Darth Vator from Star Wars when trying to talk to a guy/girl, you might as well talk to a wall. You will lose their interest within the first sentence. Add character to your voice when you speak! (practice this)

– Work on looking people in the eye: This is a big one. Looking someone in the eye when you speak to them shows 2 main things. 1. you are a respectful person 2. you are actually interested in talking to them, and you are meaning what you are saying.

Many people overlook the fact that they have low self confidence. They try to be the “smooth talker” right away. Sometimes you have to step back to the basics. You need to learn the fact that you must work on your level of self confidence before attempting to talk to someone of the opposite sex.

Don’t feel ashamed. Talking to someone of the opposite sex is a daunting task for 90% of our population. Especially if you are attracted to them. With low, or no self-confidence you will not get too far.

If you are truly in need of a boost to higher self-confidence, I strongly recommend THIS EBOOK. I recommend this to all my patients. The ones who actually take action and buy it are never disappointed. It’s broken up into 3 easy-to-read modules. Within 7 days you WILL have higher self-confidence. They say that only 3% of people who read “help articles” online actually take action. Don’t be that 3% that blows this off. No this book will not buy you the love of your life. But it will give you a HUGE advantage over the 97% of people that read this Self-Esteem Article and did not take action…

Take action now!!! Be that 3% who succeeds.


Again: Link to the Ebook

Christie Mason has a degree in Psychology, She enjoys writing in her free time.

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