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body language attraction
Learn Secrets Of Body Language Attraction

If you like hooking up with hot girls, I got an email today from a reader about body language attraction that you’re going to find VERY interesting.

READ this to the bottom…because it’s about how to use “weird” body language attraction secrets to make women feel uncontrollably turned on.

And I’m also going to give you a KILLER “Mack Tactics” line you can say to girls (early in the conversation) that makes it EASY for you to take them home later on.

Check this out…


“Hey Dean,

I’ve been a subscriber to your newsletter for the past few months and your stuff just keeps getting better.

Now I have a question of my own to ask…

I’ve been studying your One Night Stands course and next Friday night I’m excited to go to some bars and clubs and try out ‘the tactics.’

But I’m a bit worried, because I’ve got a soft voice. I’m a bit shy by nature, and I’ve found that in loud bars and nightclubs it’s hard for women to hear me…which makes me get even MORE nervous…!!

Any advice on how a ‘quiet guy’ like me can still use your conversation tactics effectively, in noisy environments?

Thanks Dean!



Hey Brian,

One of my best buds, Eric, used to have a similar problem.

Eric’s one of those naturally quiet, laidback guys who’s REALLY funny and cool when you get to know him…

But he used to have a REALLY hard time approaching girls in bars and clubs, because his soft voice would get drowned out by all the chatter and music…

So I told him to focus more on BODY LANGUAGE, and touching women.

I don’t mean “touching” in a weird, creepy way…but in a fun, playful, masculine way that makes women want MORE.

As long as you touch her in the right ways at the right moments, your words become MUCH less important to her.

In fact, you could have a simple conversation with no real substance and STILL take a hot girl home, as long as you’re touching her in the right way.

AND as long as you isolate her at the right time.

(This is key, also…I’ll explain how to “isolate” girls in a minute…)

One night, Jay and I went out to a club near my house, and I gave him a crash-course in “sexual body language” that made a HUGE difference for him.

Here are a few things I told him:

When you approach and start a conversation, NEVER face her directly with your body.

(90% of guys do this, and they TURN WOMEN OFF before they even open their mouths.)

Turning your chest toward a girl too early is a subconscious sign of neediness, and it completely DESTROYS sexual attraction.

Instead…maintain eye contact with her, but angle your body slightly away from her.

Keep your hands OUT of your pockets!

KEEP eye contact with her (don’t look down at your shoes…)

And use a line like this, early in the conversation:

“I had to come over and say hi you because you look like such a fun, spontaneous person. I can’t be around people who are boring and predictable.”

This is an example of “Labeling,” which is a technique that I explain in the Mack Tactics book.

It’s based on a VERY powerful psychological principle…

When you TELL a person they’re a certain way (adventurous, naughty, flirty, spontaneous, open, etc)…

And you do it at the RIGHT MOMENT in the conversation…

You will COMPEL her to behave in a way that fits the “label” you applied to her.

She’ll want to be CONSISTENT with the label.

Human beings are wired to act this way.

And when you follow the easy steps in The One Night Stands Playbook, a short time later you’ll be able to say something like:

“Vanessa, you’re a spontaneous girl and I know you’re up for trying something new.
So I’m going to take you to my favorite late-night spot, and we’re going to have SO much fun…just promise you won’t keep me out past my curfew, OK?”

(The “curfew joke” is designed to make her laugh and put her totally at ease…and then you’re going to take her to another nearby bar/club. Eventually, you’ll take her back to your place.)

As for body language, the Mack Tactics program contains a simple but super powerful sequence you can use you ESCALATE PHYSICALLY.

It starts with simple, playful touching, such as…

Thumb-wrestling. (Playfully challenge something she says, then thumb-wrestle her over it…and let her win. Great way to establish contact.)

Palm Reading. Gently take her hand, flip it over to reveal her palm, and do a quick “palm read.”

You can totally make this stuff up and just have fun with it, or you can Google “palm reading” and figure out beforehand a few simple tips on what the lines on her palm are supposed to mean.

(Women are SUCKERS for superstitious, fortune-teller type of stuff…they love it!)

And to go back to the original question, if you’ve got a soft voice, this gives you the perfect reason to LEAN IN CLOSE during the conversation, and speak softly into her ear…

And while you do that, lightly touch her arm, or her waist…

How To Use Body Language Attraction

Physical escalation is all about GRADUALLY increasing the way you touch her, and touching her in more “intimate” places as time goes on…

First, her forearm or hand…

Then her waist…

Then her knee, and her thigh, while you’re sitting down with her and telling her a story…

Next thing you know, you’re playing with her hair and using the “Kiss Close” tactic that I talk about in the Mack Tactics book.

(This is the BEST way in the world to GUARANTEE that you get the first kiss, without any risk of rejection…)

Look, anything about yourself that you perceive to be a weakness can be turned into an ADVANTAGE.

This is one of the reasons why Mack Tactics is the most popular (and proven) seduction system out there.

When you learn Mack Tactics, from then on arousing, attracting, and seducing beautiful women becomes like second nature to you.

Let me give you the exact techniques that I use (and that THOUSANDS of guys have learned from me) that get women to uncontrollably flirt, make out, and sleep with me time and time again…

The ones I found that work just about 100% of the time, on just about any kind of woman.

If you haven’t tried out Mack Tactics yet, give this a quick look (and be sure to check out the MASSIVE bonus package you’ll get instant access to…)

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Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

P.S. I’m here to help, and I want YOU to have the amazing women & lifestyle you deserve. If you’re ready to learn more tips about body language attraction (and how to read her body language too), download this FREE book:

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