Busting the Myth of “Speed Seduction”

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A mistake that guys make when they want to seduce a woman into love, is thinking that it is all about the “connection’ they have with her, worst they try so hard by using useless pick up lines.

The good thing is, you really don’t need a bunch of pick up lines to lure a girl. Based on this thinking, the man then tries to become really good friends with the woman and make her see him as a great guy. A good connection is important, and pick up lines may not do the job. but if she doesn’t feel sexual attraction for you then you’re only ever going to be seen as a friend in her eyes.

All it will take for you to be slammed further into the dreaded “friend zone” is for a guy to come along, make her feel attraction and then escalate to a kiss or to sex with her.

He will have successfully seduced her because he did two very important things:

1.            Made her feel strong attraction for him.

2.            Escalated to a kiss or sex and successfully changed things from being “friendly” to being “sexual.”

You may be familiar with the notion of “speed seduction” and what these techniques claim to be able to do. You will find a lot of hucksters out there who are looking to make a quick buck off you, selling you what they call speed seduction programs and e-books. In actuality, these “programs” are a collection of spellbinding techniques that would only work on a woman with the aptitude of a psychologically handicapped person.

Speed seduction promises one thing: To appeal to a man’s longing to get free and easy sex, as quickly as possible. All those speed seduction techniques do is supposedly close the gap from the time you see a woman you desire on the street to the time you get in bed and have sex with her. The concept plays on your impulse for immediate gratification, and it is never as easy as the ads say it is. And it’s never that fast. What you will learn here is how seductions works, from the ground up, and how to do it as fast as any particular woman will allow you to. No faster. Why?

Because she already has a mechanism inside her that will prevent you from going faster than her engine can take. If you go past the red line, the brakes slam on, the engine seizes, and you’ve failed. But once you learn how to drive this car, you’ll see that you don’t need to worry about destroying it if you just learn the right attitude and techniques.

Call this method you’re about to learn “speedier seduction” instead of “speed” seduction, if you will, because it’s real and it does work as quick as you need it to. You may not be able to get her instantly, but there is really no man who can. You can’t meet a woman on the street, snap your fingers, and expect to be back at your place having sex in a few minutes. The only place this happens (other than in dreams and with prostitutes) is in porn movies, and you know the real world isn’t like that, don’t you?

 You have one of two choices when you want to learn how to seduce women:

1) Buy a “speed seduction” course that promises you that you can get laid tonight by stroking her hand a special way and putting her into a hypnotic trance. You quickly figure out that no man in his right mind could make this work except the guy who invented it. You get discouraged, and you’ve blown $50 or more on a book you’ll never read again.

2) You get The Seduction Method, and learn the true principles at work behind seduction. You will find that you can get laid on the first night, or even a couple nights down the road. But you have enough understanding that the information makes sense and sticks, and you have long-term success. The kind that lasts the rest of your life. Well, I’m here to congratulate you on your intelligence for choosing the right one. Great choice! Remember: You don’t need a hot car, or a lot of money, or fabulous good looks to attract and seduce women. You do have to have a good attitude, and that’s what we’ll build here.

If there’s one thing you can do to increase your abilities with women and survive in the seduction world it’s developing a genuine love for women. You love their smell, their touch, their looks, their sounds, and their tastes. And you even have to love the things that are so female, like their tests and their bratty behavior and their insecurities. All of it.

Love women.

If you go out and do nothing but seek to get laid for the sake of your getting off, you won’t survive. And even if you do, you won’t survive well. If you’ve got any women-hating issues in your system, eliminate them now. Get them out of your system. A true seducer is a gentleman, and he adores women for who they are, not for who he wants them to be.

Women have a nature. It’s like the fact that the sun shines, and water gets you wet. When you want it to be otherwise, you’re just asking for pain. Accept women the way they are and learn to work with their nature. You cannot seduce a woman if you’re trying to change her, or if you resent her because of what she is.

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Originally posted 2015-08-08 01:26:28.

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