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Tips on how to pick up girls.

Using Pick Up Lines To Talk To Girls

Pick up lines have a very bad reputation. For example how often have you heard bad pick up lines such as: “Are you a parking ticket? Because you’re a little fine!” “Do I know you from somewhere?” “I lost my number, can I have yours?” Face it, using lines like this will cause a girl to run the other way….

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Do Pick Up Lines Work?

Do Pick Up Lines Work? A lot of guys think you’re supposed to use some kind of “cute pick up lines” when you try to start a conversation with a girl. Learning how to approach women might sound like a difficult and painful process. You have to gather up the confidence to walk up to a woman and introduce yourself,…

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Wine Charms

Wine Charms Image by HA! Designs – Artbyheather with pick-up lines…back. Our Pledge class in our Fraternity (?AM the best Fraternity) tried out some news lines in the fifth installment of this series. People have been bugging us to make and upload the fifth one so here it is. This may be the last one we make unless it gets…

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flirting with danger

flirting with danger Image by faster panda kill kill thats right. living on the edge. riding in pants in august in texas in a heatwave. someone stop me before i do something crazy, like put a stocking cap on just to see what happens. Flirting is an art and it is not so difficult to learn how to flirt with…

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Talking Girls– Edit 2

Talking Girls– Edit 2 Image by Beppie K As per suggestions from C.A.F.E group— edited out rubbish on the seat using GIMP. I also made the window sepia to get rid of the distracting colours in it, and edited out a line of red paint along part of the seat. Original Here Many thanks to Bhalash for his help in…

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Six Girls in New Zealand Getting Meat

Six Girls in New Zealand Getting Meat Image by Stuck in Customs Daily Photo – Six Girls in New Zealand Getting Meat While on a long drive from the Coromandel to Matamata (where The Shire is), we pulled into this pizza place to stock up on some much needed carbs. I saw these six girls lined up so perfectly, I…

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