Conversation Tips For Your First Date

Conversation Tips For Your First Date

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You can come up with dozens of witty conversations for you first date but still wind up alone at the end of the night. If you don’t want to be part of the statistics, then I strongly suggest that you follow the things written on here.

First Date Conversation Tips

– Avoid Awkward Silences

You don’t have to quote Plato to impress and keep the conversation going. What is important is you being observant of what’s happening around you, and most importantly, her. The topics that the two of you can tackle is endless, for example:

o You can talk about how your day went.

o You can talk about what type of music you guys listen to. The topic of music alone can lead to an interesting conversation which can branch out to other topics like culture and art.

o You can talk about your community, sports, current events.

o Say something nice about what she’s wearing. Fashion is something that women love talking about.

– Listen to what she’s saying and either ask questions or comment about it.

The tip I’m about to give next is most likely the most crucial of all the dating tips I’ll be giving you. Learn how to listen. Talk less! Women are usually attracted to men who know how to listen. Men who knows how to listen are seen by girls as someone that is understanding and easy to connect with.

WARNING: Being a good listener gets you labeled as a nice guy, but not as someone that can turn them on. You don’t want to be labeled as some nice guy she went out with and would like to keep for a friend, do you? So how do you prevent this from happening? Here’s a brief overview:

a. Touch her more – randomly touch her arms, hands, brush your shoulder against hers and so on.

b. Take charge – exude the image of a leader and protector. Never appear unsure of yourself by giving out “maybe” for an answer. Instead, a straight yes or no would be preferable.

– Keep the Topic Casual

Avoid drama on your first date is one of the first things I say to my friends when they ask me for tips. The first date is not the right time to do this, not even on the second, third or fourth date.

Again, keep things light and interesting. Talk about your neighbor’s dog, a funny encounter with a stranger, the day you found out your boss is gay and so on.

Warning: Stay away from jokes with sexual innuendos unless she couldn’t stay an inch away from you.

– Know when to let go of a topic

Do not in any way force a dead topic. You don’t want to spend the rest of the night pursuing a conversation that feels like you’re dragging your house up a hill.

Quickly change the conversation by asking something that would make her talk. Allow her to talk while with you inserting your opinions at times.

– Keep the date short

Just because the date is going well doesn’t necessarily follow that you two must talk till the sun comes up. The key is to keep her wanting more. If you follow these first date conversation tips, a second date wouldn’t be a problem.

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