Forget The Corny Pick Up Lines And Use These Techniques

cute pick up lines
Cute pick up lines aren't the answer...
Hey, this is Dean Cortez and I want to share some attraction & dating tips so that you don’t need to rely on corny pick up lines.

If you don’t want to rely on cute pick up lines (or pick up lines of any type), and you want real advice to improve your skills and self-confidence with women, here are some tactics to set you on the right path. First of all, part of the blueprint for a good pickup requires you to look good. Here are some quick words of wisdom to help you look and feel your best just in time for your next romp.

Hit The Gym

Spending an hour in at the gym will take the edge off better than any kind of narcotic you could ingest, and it’s good for you. Make going to the gym a regular part of your daily routine, and you will surely look and feel better…which is guaranteed to make you more attractive to girls. (And gyms are superb places to MEET girls).

Improve Your Wardrobe

The truth is, when you pay attention to how you look and women get the signal that you’re a guy who has significant value. Despite what you might think, women aren’t searching for a guy they can turn into their next “makeover project”. Wondering what type of clothes you should pick out for yourself? All you need to do is hit the department store at your local mall, and get advice from the cutest salesgirl. She’ll be happy to show you some fresh threads and offer her opinion (and now you’re chatting with a cute girl, which is never a bad thing!)

Keep It Clean, Dude

Your hygiene regimen should not just consist of dousing yourself in deodorant and cologne. When you shower, use body wash and scrub every part of your body. In fact, scrub every part TWICE. You could be hooking up later with a girl, and she’ll be a lot more sensitive to smells and funky scents than you are.

Why The Right LOCATION Is Critical

Wherever you decide to go for a night out, you should show up early enough so you can acquire some real estate. A table, a corner of the bar or whatever else you can get your hands on will prove to be a treasured commodity in an overcrowded nightspot where the bump ‘n’ grind is a trip to the bar, not just a cheesy dance move.

This will be your “safe zone” where you can feel in command of the situation. You can make trips out onto the dance floor or to other parts of the venue to meet girls, and you can always bring them back to your area for a drink. As the night progresses, stock your table with a few fun girls that are fun to party with. They’ll serve as a “magnet” to attract other girls to your table. See & be seen, drink & be drunk.

Now that you’ve “planted your flag”, you should get a feel for the environment and the energy by doing a few laps around the venue. Pay careful attention to the body language of the women who catch your eye. (For a full explanation on how to “read” female body language, download the Mack Tactics e-book.)

The right amount of liquid courage can do wonders for your self-esteem, take your verbal skills to seemingly amazing new levels, and put your comedy skills on a level that recalls famous joke-tellers such as Jerry Seinfeld. But when you go “over the line” with your alcohol consumption, as in trying to relive Motley Crue’s hard-drinking glory days, it will have a markedly different effect.

Your inner turmoil will come gushing as you’re in mid-conversation with some hottie and your “clever” comments will be minimized to a drunken blather, so practice graceful inebriation.

Make The Effort

Regardless of whether your objective tonight is to score her phone number, a tour of her condo or a hand in marriage, it is going to require work. The other option is another evening by yourself on the couch in front of an infomercial. So get off your butt and get to work.

If you see something you like, wait for an opportune moment — like her standing at the bar next to you or taking leave of her 18 friends for two valuable minutes — to seize it and tell her. You’ll have to get past your “approach anxiety” in order to start seizing these opportunities. If you suffer from particularly bad approach anxiety, read the book Mack Tactics to turbo-charge your confidence around girls.

Once she’s within earshot, you should comment on your surroundings, on her trendy bracelets or on that creep at the end of the bar who’s been burning a whole through her hip-huggers, but whatever the subject, make sure you know what you’re talking about.

And while you work on boosting your game, stop telling the half-truths, deceptions and outright lies that are so prevalent in nightlife venues when guys try to mack on girls. There’s no need to lie about your vintage Ford Taurus or exaggerate the amount of zeros in your salary to increase the perceived size of your penis. Honesty might open more doors (and legs) than you think and also sends a subtle, yet discernible message that you are confident enough to not have to embellish.

Be A Man Of Mystery

Women are intrigued by a man with mystique. Convey this aura by not revealing too much of yourself at once. Instead of opening with a formal introduction, you should give her a couple of minutes of your best material and let her intrigue build to a crescendo before telling her the name your parents chose for you. You can reveal personal details about yourself in small doses. Save some for the first date, too…never let her think she has you TOTALLY figured out.

Furthermore, you don’t want to spend the entire night with her. We tend to think of women in terms of conquests because they often play hard to get, but you can make yourself the conquest by periodically leaving her side, revisiting home base where your friends are stationed or even flirting with a rival woman. When she perceives you to be a challenge, she’s going to want you even more.

YOU Have To Make It Happen!

Willpower and persistence aren’t enough to compel a woman to fork over her phone number, or drop her panties. The bottom line is, it’s up to you to make things happen and lead her down the right path. In bar and club environments, women expect YOU to approach and initiate the conversation. The above strategies only work in tandem with a measure of brazenness, so remember to check your timidity along with your coat.

In reality, you won’t always get the results you’re after, no matter how tight your game is, and no matter which cute pick up lines you use. The law of averages dictates that a few of your nights out are destined to culminate with you stuffing your face at some low-rent IHOP with the rest of your disappointed crew. Keeping your expectations in check, your skin thick and your sense of humor intact will help you get the most out of this game.

Originally posted 2011-11-18 08:30:34.