counterfeit domino from China ? turning left behind USA-UK-embassy-block

counterfeit domino from China ? turning left behind USA-UK-embassy-block
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The concrete roadblock sent from China is standing on the western Friedrich-Ebert-Straße behind the USA-UK-embassy-block waiting to turn left into the eastern Behrenstraße. There the counterfeit domino was still waiting upright at around 10 in the morning on 10th of November 2009—alongside the ex-cold-war-demarcation-line between Parisian & Potsdamer Square — to be picked up soon afterwards …

It should have worked as one of the one thousand dominoes that were standing in the evening of the 9th of November 2009 but it turned out to be meant as a deliberate failure, a trojan horse, a sabotaging interruptor.

It is sporting a kind of provocative unreconstructedness by dialectically obstructing and spoilsporting the spectacle of the mimetic reconstruction & fall of the Berlin Wall.

This playful éclat of the no-paper-tiger-communists—
—? ’Tiananmen Square massacre’ | ‘June fourth incident’ 
—? recent execution of the british Opium mule Akmal Shaikh
—proves and expresses their longstanding resentment at the outcome of the »Cold War« …
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last domino fails to fall at berlin newswatch, November 11, 2009
Monday’s celebrations in Berlin to mark the fall of the fall of the Berlin Wall were climaxed with a fireworks display. To set off the display 1,000 large dominoes had been set up each painted by schools across the country with various designs and unveiled on 7th November by Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit. They were placed along the original route of the former Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate to the Potsdamer Platz. But not quite everything went according to plan as the 2.5 metre high dominoes were toppled. … The cascade of collapsing obelisques continued along the 1.5 km route to cheers of the crowd. But whereas nine hundred and ninety ninth plinths fell the thousandth stood firmly in place; it was made from concrete and had been sent via airmail from the People’s Republic of China. The symbolism was all the more embarassing given the failed-to-fall domino had been adorned with Chinese characters!
Several leaders spoke before the domino toppling ….
Recently the Berlin Twitter Wall was set up by the Kultur Projekte Berlin, a non-profit organisation in Germany that promotes art and culture. Twitter users were encouraged to share their memories of the tumultuous times surrounding the fall of wall 20 years ago. However, organisers also asked tweeters to write about, "which walls still have to come down to make our world a better place." The global response was sudden and overwhelming. The site was soon flooded by thousands of comments from China complaining about the Great Firewall often referred to by the hashtag #GFW. Chinese Internet users and expats living in China, circumventing the government’s blocking of Twitter by using proxy servers or Twitter apps that have yet failed to be blocked, posted messages to the site. Suddenly the site had become an online protest against 21st century forms of censorship.
As for the last domino, it is unknown what the Chinese characters on it mean or if there was any specific meaning behind its design or its placing. Its failure to fall did create some laughter in the crowd, though the fireworks began despite the hiccup.

Berlin marks demise of the Wall BBC-news, 9 November 2009
Berlin remembers fall of the Wall World leaders have hailed the Berlin Wall’s fall in celebrations 20 years on from the upheaval that changed Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was joined at the Brandenburg Gate by Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and UK PM Gordon Brown.
In a special video address, US President Barack Obama said Berliners had rebuked tyranny on 9 November 1989.
The event two decades ago led Germany to reunify, caused the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Cold War’s end.
Communist East Germany erected the 155-km (96-mile) concrete barrier in 1961 to encircle West Berlin and prevent citizens from fleeing into the capitalist enclave.
The symbolic act was to reflect how the then Communist governments of Eastern Europe fell one after another.
The first wave of dominoes were knocked over by former Polish President Lech Walesa and ex-Hungarian Prime Minister Miklos Nemeth.
BBC news, 9 November 2009

a photo from the other side of the concrete stone that was taken the day before -when the other dominoes were still standing around this domino


words & concepts

domino theory the theory that a political event in one country will cause similar events in neigbouring countries, like a falling domino causing an entire row of upended dominoes to fall. [_NODE p547_]
unreconstructed 1. Not reconciled to social, political, or economic change; maintaining outdated attitudes, beliefs, and practices. 2. Not reconciled to the outcome of the American Civil War.

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