Dating Tips For Guys – How To Date A Girl

Dating Tips For Guys – How To Date A Girl

get a date with a girlBeing successful in making a girl accept your invitation for a date can be a bit of a challenge, if you are clueless about the right way to go about it. Therefore, you need pointers on how to get a date with a girl that you like. When you have the desire to ask any girl out on a date, you have to bear in mind certain things that you need to perform. Thus, it is imperative that you read the rest of this article to equip yourself with the required skills to get a girl to give her nod to your invitation even for a drink of coffee in a nearby café.

The most important thing you need to remember when you want to get a date with a girl is sexual tension. No, it does not mean that the minute you see each other, you come close and never part. It’s not as overly dramatic as that; sexual tension just means that you and the girl find each other interesting, with a hint of being sexually attracted to each other. In simple words, it just means you have to create a feeling that the girl can expect better things to come from you. This has something to do with anticipation and anticipation of good things can be great for your chances of getting the girl to say yes.

On the topic of sexual tension and its impact on your success in getting a date with a girl, you have to consciously be aware that chemistry between you and the girl is important. This is easy enough if the girl finds you attractive already; but it is challenge when you are not particularly handsome. But, don’t despair; you can still get her to say yes if you show her that you are a man worth noticing the minute you open your mouth. Thus, you should make sure that when you do start talking, you are sending the idea that you are a prime catch. In this light, it is necessary for you to do two things which will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.


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Dating Tips – How To Get Dates With Girls

The first thing you need in order to be successful in getting a date with a girl is to flirt. Yes, you have to flirt with the girl to create the needed sexual tension. When you flirt, you are telling the girl that you could be interested in her, as opposed to directly telling her without creating a sense of doubt in her mind of your intentions. Telling her this line, “You know, I think you are shy because the guys are not giving you any attention. That is what I’m here for” is a good way to start. The playfulness of the line will work wonders.

The second thing that you need when you want a date with a girl is to act cocky and funny. It is important to be cocky and funny at the same time. If you are just cocky, you come across as arrogant but if you are just plain funny, you come across as a comedian. When you are both, you send the idea of being the alpha male which is good for chances of getting the girl’s yes. Thus, by being cocky and funny, you can definitely get good results with this line: “Do you have the time? (She gives you the time from her watch.) No, the time to write my number down.”

The pointers given can come in handy only if you practice them regularly. Thus, you can easily get any girl to go out with you if you act the way the great pick up artists do. This means that you have to be a go-getter. Being a go-getter in this sense means flirting a little and being cocky and funny to assure that you do get a date with the girl you like.

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