dave picking up girls

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dave picking up girls
pick up girls
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dave just looks so smooth in this picture. a head on impact can’t even phase that kind of dedication to the game.

by Dean Cortez, creator of The Ultimate Approach program

Bars and clubs are often the easiest and most convenient places to meet women, for a variety of reasons. The popular bars and clubs in your area are “target rich environments” where large numbers of available women come out to socialize, and forget about the problems and stresses of day-to-day life.

The alcohol is flowing, which loosens inhibitions. And most importantly, you need to remember the fact that every girl in the room (who isn’t accompanied by her boyfriend or husband) is HOPING to be seduced.

It’s true! When you see hot girls in a bar or club, even if they’re acting like they’re “too cool” for the room, never assume that they don’t want to be approached and picked up. This attitude is key is you’re going to master how to pick up women in bars.

Believe me, these chicks didn’t spend two hours preparing themselves earlier tonight, assembling the perfect outfit and doing their hair and makeup, so that they could ONLY hang out with their girlfriends and blow off every guy who tries to talk to them.

These women WANT to meet a guy who is going to make their evening more fun and exciting. The problem is that few men have the ability to give them that fun and excitement that they’re looking for. Much more often, women get approached by guys who make them feel uncomfortable and cause their “force fields” to rise up.

This means that you’ve got to use STRATEGY when you approach women or want to pick up girls in bars — and even more importantly, you’ve got to know how to TRANSITION from the approach into the conversation.

And not just any old conversation, the type of chit-chat she’d had to put up with from the last 47 guys who tried (and failed) to get her interested:

“So what’s your name…”

“Where are you from…”

“Have you been to this bar before…”

And so on. Guys who attempt conversations this way do not have any gameplan or strategy in mind, and so they wind up running out of steam and losing the girl’s attention very quickly.

I explain my best techniques for approaching women and “opening” them, and then building her attraction in the fastest & most effective way possible, in our new program on how to approach women. It’s called “The Ultimate Approach” and you can click here to check it out right now.

Here’s another tip if you want to learn how to pick up women in bars: don’t buy her drinks in the “conventional” way. There is nothing inherently wrong with buying a girl a drink or two. I disagree with pickup artists who claim you should NEVER pay for a girl’s drinks.


But I do think there is a right way, and a wrong way, to go about this.

THE WRONG WAY: Within a few seconds of approaching her, you ask her if you can buy her a drink.

Why is this wrong?

– First, you haven’t given her any chance to develop attraction or interest in you. Who are you? What’s your angle? What are your intentions? If she accepts your offer, does this mean you’re going to “trap” her in a boring conversation for the next ten minutes? These thoughts are running through her mind, and make it easy for to say “thanks, but no thanks.”

– Second, you’re asking PERMISSION to buy her a drink and talk to her. This frames you as a guy who is trying to win her approval, which is the opposite of how you want to appear. In the Mack Tactics program I talk about why you should never ask permission — instead, you want to LEAD the interaction.

Women respect a man who leads, and if she’s interested in you even slightly, she’ll follow your lead.

On the other hand, when you act timid and ask permission — and force HER to make decisions — she’s naturally going to

THE RIGHT WAY: After 10 minutes of good conversation (using the strategic conversation techniques in Mack Tactics), say to her “I have to get back to my friends in a few minutes, but first I’m going to get us a drink because I’m interested in hearing more about (fill in the blank with something she’s been telling you about).”

By phrasing the drink offer this way, you are communicating several important things:

1. You’re not asking permission; you are laying out HOW IT IS GOING TO BE. You are leading the interaction.

2. You are giving a REASON for buying these drinks: you want to hear more about (fill in the blank). In other words, buying her this drink isn’t about you trying to get something from her; you simply want to hear more about whatever topic she was discussing.

3. You included a time constraint: “I have to get back to my friends in a few minutes.” This eliminates one of the main concerns that women have when a random guy engages them in conversation: that he will keep talking, and talking, to the point where she feels uncomfortable and needs to figure out how to extract herself.

Time constaints are great because they neutralize that concern. There’s no harm in having a drink with you if you need to leave in a few minutes, anyway.

(Of course, if the conversation continues to go well, you don’t actually need to leave in a few minutes to “go see your friends.” You simply use this tactic to eliminate the concern.)

This does, however, lead to my final tip: once you’re engaged in a conversation with a woman, I recommend you DO excuse yourself for a while. This is one of the most powerful ways to show self-confidence.

Tell her you’ve got to go and check in on some friends. Or you need to go outside and make a phone call. Or you want to go say hello to your friend the bartender. Then, walk away and do your own thing for a while.

If you’ve caused her to feel interest and attraction, then she’ll miss your presence — and when you do come back and rejoin her, whether it’s five minutes or an hour later, she will be looking forward to it.

The typical guy, when he’s out trying to pick up girls in bars or approach women in clubs, will meet a girl, start talking to her, and NOT leave her side.

He’ll keep “working it” as best he can (usually, this means a lot of babbling and asking uninteresting questions), fearing that if he DOES walk away for a minute — even to go to the bathroom — she will get distracted with something else or get scooped up by another guy.

Behave in the opposite way. Be unpredictable. But at the same time, all of the “unpredictable” moves you make, and unexpected things you say, will come from your Mack Tactics playbook. You will have strategy and techniques for every situation and every step of the interaction, so that instead of “hoping for the best” you will be guiding the situation towards the result you want.

This is the essence of the Mack Tactics system, and if you want to specifically learn how to approach women in any environment, engage them in conversations, and drive up their interest and attraction, then you need to check out the new Ultimate Approach book.

Ultimate Approach contains over 50 explosive tips and techniques for approaching girls and shows you how to pick up women in bars, clubs, or in any other situation. And, it comes bundled together with 90 minutes of exclusive interviews with SINN, the most infamous pickup artist in the game!

Dean Cortez is the founder of Mack Tactics, the world’s leading dating and seduction program for men. He is the author of several best-selling books, including Mack Tactics, The Alpha Rules, and The Bad Boy Blueprint. Click here to visit our How To Get Girls website and download a free 95-page book which is filled with tips for picking up and seducing hot women. This book is yours free when you visit MackTactics.com.

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