Day 1/365 The Walk Home

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Day 1/365 The Walk Home
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Fri. 1/01/10

12:01 AM: Man… When I looked down at my phone and saw "Jan 10, 2010" I was ecstatic. Shots was the first song I heard in the new decade. I was soo glad I was with a bunch of people I’ve grown quickly to love. They’re all cool to me, and I’m so glad I have them.

After the ball fell, Matt, Pat, Derrick, Jordan, and Jeremy piled into pat’s car. We dropped Derreck at his house, then continued to drive to Stephanies house where we dropped something off.. I forgot, but it was a crazy ride over there haha. Matt was freaken crazyyy!

Well, after doing a lot of driving, we finally got to pat’s house. Met Warren there, who wasn’t supposed to be there, but was allowed to haha. Magic! We were all planning on sleeping over there. I was introduced to pat’s incredibly cute sister who seemed to be a college freshmen. We went upstairs to his room and screwed around a bunch haha. Warren raped pat’s cat, Jeremy started bleeding to death by a nose bleed, Matt was looking at porn, and pat’s porn stash, while jordan and I were just standing there, laughing at what everyone else was doing haha xD "SHU UP!" Pat’s Sister sugessted us to go outside and chill a bit. So we did. wait.. I just realized that I left Beth’s house without a jacket…

Borrowed pat’s jacket that seemed to be the jacket of a 7 year old lol. I took 5 min to put on my chucks, while everyone else walked on, beside pat. Pat waited for me. Pat and I walked and tried to catch up to everyone else. I lost Pat when I caught up with everyone. After running back trying to get Pat, we Kept walking, talked man stuff haha. my hand started to bleed from the cuts yesterday because of the cold. Were stared at by people driving by, and we stared back. We ran back home after we got freaked by them haha and found pat on the way. He had this sad/pissed face and said "Dude, My sister is f*king pissed! you guys have to go home…" Then Jordan gets a phone call, talks in a very calm voice, (it happens to be pat’s sister on pat’s phone). I felt that he was plesant and in line, but she completely shot him down and thought he was joking and being sarcastic! It was retarded!

So we got back 5 min after, some went up to pat’s room and got their stuff. Pat’s sister thought we were drinking or smoking pot of all things… I mean, we were acting like ourselves!lol xP. I stayed down while pat’s sister talked to warren. Warren tried to defend us and she accused him and us, mainly him, of "wrecking her house". Warren sincerely appoligizes in a calm profesional tone saying "I am very for the way I’ve been, I didn’t realize it, but i’m deeply sorry." She then said, "You know you’re being an ass right?" She then called her mom and told her what happened. She proceeded to put warren on the phone, who tried defending us, as well as complained that pat’s sister was with her friends drinking, making us feel uncomfortable. I asked for a band aid, and pat’s sister got one for me while warren was talking. Idk what happened next, but I got the band aid, and everyone was ready to go. As we were in the garage, waiting for pat to finnish talking with his sister, we were talking about how ridiculously stupid this was! I mean, we wern’t drunk or anything! Pat then came out, then was called in by her sister. He came back out, then was called back in. We walked to his car. He came back out again and got to the car. Then his sister came back and said "My mom told me someone was drinking!" Thats when everyone was moaning! Matt was cussing about it, I was saying god dammnit, Warren couldn’t say anything because he was already in enough shit. Matt then said, "You know what? We’ll just walk!" I told him to shut up. Then pat’s sister then said "My mom is about to call the cops!" I mean seriously… We were getting beyond pissed at this point. Then she said "Alright, Well, You can either stay here and wait for my mom to come back home (even though we were kicked out??) or walk home cause pat isn’t driving you home." Matt proceeded to say "Fuck this shit! Let go!"

So we walked to matt’s house at around 2:54 am, me without a jacket. Just a pullover sweater and long shirts and long underwear. We walked to the mobile at the corner of m59 and duck lake. Got some stuff, warmed up. then continued to matt’s house. We talked about a bunch, mainly what happened. The 6 mile walk was pretty cool haha. Cold I mean. We all felt bad for pat. We’re going to get him a big pinata. The guys continued talking about past experiences and pranks and crap haha. Man it was cool being with them.

My hand started to bleed again in the middle of the walk. I was alright on body heat. The only things that were freezing now were my hands and the one covered in blood. I couldn’t put it anywhere cause it would stain so I just continued to put it in my mouth and blew on it. Applied pressure at times and stuff. kept walking. 30°f. Right when we were getting close to matt’s house, my hand started hurting like a bitch! I mean, it was sooo painful! It was on the verge of getting frost bite. Right when we got into mat’s house, dogs started yapping, and I ran to the nearest sink to run hot watter on my fingers. It took 7 minutes to fix my hand, getting it back to body temp. We have arrived at 3:36 or so.

We just chilled and talked to each other. Then I realized that I promised my grandpa that I’d wish my family in california a happy new years! It was 4:08 when I called home. I think I woke up my mom… but yeah. She told me that she’d call me tomorrow. I then called cole at 4:10 haha xD I wished him a happy birthday and talked about our day. I told him what happened tonight and he told me what he did…which was really nothing. I felt bad for him.. :/ I then said goodbye, and continued to talk to the bros. We all checked our facebooks and saw what happened in the last 4 hrs. Pat was grounded till he was 17 (for the month), and well… yeah. didn’t go to bed till 5 or so lol.

11:27 AM: Woke up to the sound of matt’s dogs… lol. Everyone did. Matt’s mom came home from partying. She came down and checked up on us and said "Oh matt, You’re here? Who else is here? Want me to get (insert dog name here) out of here?" We tried to sleep some more for an hour or so… Then we just screwed it and watched some tv and jammed on matt’s guitar.I called the grandparents and told them, it might be a while before they’ll have to pick me up lol… they told me what was going on with the family.. My grandpa was in the hospital and wasn’t doing too good. That was all I heard. After hanging up, played some Modern Warfare 2. Said bye to Jeremy and Warren. Then Jordan and I left at around 2 or so. He dropped me off at beth’s house where I waited for dave.

The basement was a freaken disaster! It looked like a nuke exploded in there. I got my jacket, and talked with beth about the night and stuff haha. Dave apparently went to the hospital last night from his injury (from facebook).

He then picked me up and dropped me off at a shell where G-mah and G-pah picked me up. We drove up to Marysville to see my great uncle jack whos in the nursing home. It was the first time I saw him there. It was soo damn depressing… :/ It made me not want to grow old. The people there looked like they were dead, or close to it. Others had dementia, and didn’t want to interact with anyone. man… :/ I showed jack my computer and the photos I’ve taken over the year. Showed him the wedding photos and stuff from summer.

After the hour, I realized that my point and shoot wasn’t working. It just didn’t open up! God damnit! I mean, both of my cameras are fucked! Pardon my french but I mean it annoys the crap out of me… Drove for the whole night, went to a really nice riverfront restaurant. The equinox averages around 21-24mpg. Not too good, but not too bad either compared to the 19 the sebring gets.

Got home, and chilled on the pc or something.. Worked on doing the 365.
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Originally posted 2011-07-25 22:16:40.

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