Day 301

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Day 301
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heading to MD for a week, interesting that this day is 301, which is the area code for MD.

last night i had to smush another HUGE fucking roach. in my bedroom! ugh i am leaving nyc just to get rid of the bugs, i am serious i can’t handle it it left me shaking for 30 minutes. i had to chase it around from the top of my bed until i finally started laughing and it crawled into a plastic bag where i repeatedly whacked it with my cute yellow wedges. it actually worked out well since all i had to do was pick up the bag. no guts even got on the bottom of my shoe.

then this morning there was a milipede in my kitchen sink. i totally screamed at it "ok listen i have had ENOUGH of you people! leave me alone!" and then sprayed it with bug spray. the legs came off and still moved. gross. buddha help me i am going to lose my place in the reincarnation line.

when i get to tassajara i need to talk to the monks about what they would do with the roach situ. well i know what they would do but i am not about to catch and release something that i can’t even stomp with a shoe right away. those suckers are fast.

Women often don’t meet a lot of the type of men they want because they’re shy and not used to it. Well… get over yourself!

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and if YOU want to find a great guy and what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to try something new.

Now a pickup line is only going to get things started and it’s up to you to make things work, but getting the conversation started is usually the hardest part, so I’ve put together a nice list to make things easier for you!

Now sometimes the usual, “Hi, my name is X” works great, but then things can suddenly cool off, and the situation could quickly get awkward. So having a clever pickup line can start off the conversation with a laugh, which can often turn into a great memory later on.


Here are 7 pick up lines that range from cute to corny for women to use on men:

“You look like you are really strong. Can you help me carry this drink?” “Do you want to go out for dinner sometime? You need to know I don’t kiss on the first date, at least not on the lips.” Walk up to the guy with a drink in your hand and say, “Hi, just so you know, I don’t usually drink unless I’m nervous or am about to have sex.” Point to the guy’s lap and say, “Is this seat taken?” Say to him “I know no one likes a tattle tale, but you are really hot.” Go up to the guy and ask him to raise his right hand. Then tell him to say, “Swear that I am the most attractive women you have ever seen.” Then you raise your hand, and say, “I swear you have to be the most honest man I have ever met.” “What do you like on your pizza? Nod at whatever he says and then say, “What kind of women do you like on you?””

There you go! 7 completely different conversation starters that are sure to be memorable and make him laugh.

Go have some fun with them. And when you’re ready for more tips, check out my website that teaches how to talk dirty and other tips and tricks men WISH women knew.

Evan Michaels

Evan Michaels created to help women learn what men WISHED women knew, but would never tell them to their face.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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