Do I pick up the phone or not? (Milano)

Do I pick up the phone or not? (Milano)
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"Do I pick up the phone or not?"

"¿Descuelgo o no descuelgo?"

Picking up girls in clubs is not as easy as it seems! In fact in may come as a surprise to some, but I would actually argue that clubs are some of the toughest places to pick up girls believe it or not. There are a number of factors working against you, such as having to fight to be heard over the music, being crammed, and having to deal with her friends. However, despite these setbacks, there are actual methods of picking up girls in clubs.

You don’t have to be Don Juan to ensure your success when picking up girls in a club; but you do need a plan of attack (or game) before you approach the girl who has caught your eye. Follow this five step plan to develop the smoothness of Don Juan in a club!

1.) Before you approach the girl you are interested in a club, you should have positive signs from her body language. When approaching a girl in a club, you will most likely not be able to start a conversation with her (due to music being loud and other factors). Therefore, you need to court her via body language. You need to develop eye contact and smile. If she responds to your eye contact (by either looking back at you or smiling) then that is a green light to approach her. If you approach her without any positive signs, then you have the danger of appearing as a creepy guy in a club, which is what she is expecting from most guys and that will ruin your chances of attracting her.


2.) Don’t use some corny pick up line; for instance “Do you come here often?” or “can I buy you a drink?”. Remember you’re not the only player in the club! Your goal should be to set yourself apart from the average Joe. The approach that almost always guarantees success is “ask her to dance”. This shows her that you are confident and not worried about what others think; this move alone will set you apart from 90% of the other guys. However, this should be done after step one.

3.)Be responsible with your alcohol consumption; “Don’t get wasted” it is never attractive and marks a red flag about your future behavior.

4.)Once the conversation has started don’t talk about yourself too much! Show her that you are not just interested in sleeping with her, but you actually want to get to know her and like her for who she is. Everyone likes to feel important, and everyone’s favorite subject is always going to be themselves.

5.)Be a gentleman! You don’t have to be corny to be a gentleman; you should walk with her, not in front of her, and order her drink first. Basic manners your parents taught you.

Remember that picking up girls in clubs is not rocket science! If you approach her with confidence and the right attitude you will have more successes than failures.

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