Equestrian Pick Up Lines

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equestrian pick up lines
equestrian pick up lines

Natural horsemanship – The Tools of the Trade

Do you know the right tools and tack for riding your horse? Here is an article that will tackle the essential horsemanship tools.

Horsemanship, the natural way or not, requires specific tools either for grooming, training, or riding. A horseman should know how to use these tools and be imaginative with their uses.

The use of the tools is only limited to your imagination. However itis vital to know the basics and the underlying principles of each function. As always, positive attitude is key to success in working with your equine. The right attitude combined with knowledge, the right tools and techniques is the stuff of an effective horseperson.

The tools used for horsemanship can be classified into two categories—natural and artificial. Any part of your body is considered as a natural tool. Figuratively speaking, your heart is also a natural tool. By principle, these natural tools are adequate to help you become a natural horseman. It has been said that you know a true horseman by the tools he uses and the tools he doesn’t.

All the same, there are still some artificial tools that may be used for more efficient equine management. These tools are considered by a lot of horse trainers. For the sake of this article and description, we are going to focus on western tack. Here are the more common artificial tools of the trade:

  • Curry Comb – A brush used to remove dirt and debris on a equine’s body. Its surface is rather hard so it should not be used in areas where it can hurt the equine.
  • Mane Brush – a softer brush for the animal’s mane and tail.
  • Soft Brush – The most friendly of all brushes. Only removes loose hair and dust off the horse.
  • Hoof Pick – every horseperson should be very familiar with this tool. An important tool for hoof care.
  • Halter – a horse’s head gear that is usually attached on a rope for leading.
  • Headstall – any equipment used to control an equine’s head using various pressure points. Examples are halter,bridle, and bosel.
  • Lounge Line – a long soft and flexible line used to clip onto the equine for groundwork and training.
  • Saddle – A seat placed on the back of the equine for the rider mount on.
  • Saddle Blanket – a soft blanket or a set of blankets used underneath a saddle for protection and comfort of the equine.

A round pen is a training area which can also be considered as one of the tools and it is critical for horsemanship success. It is designed for safety for you and your horse. It makes the animal connect with you effectively and there are no corners for your horse to get caught up in. The round pen is also a safe place for both animal and human. Preferably, you would want your round pen to be wider for more freedom in movement but not too expansive that you sacrifice horse and trainer engagement.

The things mentioned are basically the right tools and tack for riding your equine. Master the principles and guidelines and you’re on your way to become a great natural horseman.

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Originally posted 2004-11-03 09:36:31.

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