First Date Tips that Ensures a Second Date

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First Date Tips that Ensures a Second Date

first date tips

To get rid of first date jitters, you might want to arm yourself with a few first date tips. Prior to me giving you the tips, cheers on getting that first date. With that out of the way, here are the tips.

First Date Tips That Creates a Good Impression

Fussing over where to bring her? Should you regale her with how much money you can spend on food? Should you don the most uncomfortable but pleasant-looking clothes that would, most likely, make you look like the dandiest lad in town? Will you be able to sweep her off her feet? Will you get “lucky”? Will you run out of thing to say?

First Date Tips that Women Will Agree

Thinking about those things is way too much for a first date. Chill!

Ignore Tradition

Even if you take her to the fanciest place in town, it won’t give you that much plus points in her book. The only effect that would do is add further pressure for the both of you. You also put them in a defensive position since they might think you’d go for the kill when the night is done (RE: get into her pants). It can also lead to you spending the whole night impressing her. In the end, you find yourself in your room, tired, a few hundred dollars poorer and dealing with a nagging feeling that you might not see her again.

Be Casual

Women prefer to take things easy during their first date. This means you can also take things easy. Just let things flow naturally. Suggest something like:

“Hey, do you want to hang out at the beach on Friday?”

“Let’s hangout at the coffee shop tomorrow afternoon after work”

The whole idea of this date is not for you to prove anything to her by shelling out loads of money or make her feel that you’re worthy of her time. But rather the other way around.

Fact is, it’s easier to invite and bring a girl to your place after a fun hang-out session compared to a long, possibly dreary, dinner at an expensive restaurant since you’ve expelled whatever nervous tension both of you have been feeling prior to the date. As for dinner dates, it could end abruptly simply because the girl has appointments the next day.

Going For the Kill

Now don’t think about getting her laid… .for now that is. The opportunity will surely arise.

Once you’ve spent a few casual and fun dates together, step up your game and invite her to your place for a couple of drinks, chow on take-out food, a movie marathon or whatever rocks your boat. It would be hard for a girl to say no if she enjoys your company.

Always keep in mind that not all women go for the idea of a traditional date. Fact is those who are successful in getting girls don’t go with the idea of traditional dating. These individuals understand that women enjoy the company of men that are unpredictable. By establishing yourself as one, you will make it hard for her to say no to your wishes. Eventually, they would giggle and kill for a good lay with you.


Clubs, bars, or movie houses especially if your friends are there as this would make her feel awkward. These are just a few of the most important first date tips to remember.

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Originally posted 2011-06-09 08:35:45.

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