Tips On How To Handle First Dates

Tips On How To Handle First Date

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How to ask a Girl Out

In order to get a girl to go out with you, you need to get rid the idea of asking her out. What do I mean?

Stressing over how to ask a girl out would just complicate things because:

– It’s a dead giveaway. You’re giving her the upper hand.

– If she says “yes”, all the expectations, pressures and defenses are up.

– If she says “no”, aside from the fact that it sucks, things could turn sour or awkward between the two of you.

Rather than asking her out on a date, why not just casually invite her to hang out. Everytime I get a positive response, I keep in mind some crucial points that I need to do and avoid. Let me share with you a couple of these first date tips.

Things to Avoid

No Movies and Expensive Restaurants – these activities cost you a lot of money and time but do not yield favorable results. Since you can’t talk much inside a movie house, you might as well have brought her to a library, at least it’s free. Expensive restaurants on the other hand calls to both of you to act in a formal fashion thus adding unwanted pressure on both of you. Movies and restos can limit both your abilities to act normally.

Also, the notion that you are trying to “impress her” with your money might pop up.

Don’t include your Family and Friends – The thing about spending your first date with your friends and family is it could spew awkward and embarrassing situations.

What to do on a first date.

Hang out – Keep things simple and stress free. Though many would say to bring her to a restaurant, that advice isn’t always applicable. Women enjoy the idea of hanging out as it allows them to act normally. Also, this gives you the opportunity to turn the tables on her and let her prove how much fun she is to talk to and hang out with.

For drinks or a little something to eat, you can take her to a lounge or a small cafe. Invite her to help you shop for a present for your best friend’s birthday or help you pick u good book to read.

Daytime dates are always nice as you have more options to chose from. Plus, you get to see more things during the day which can be used as a conversation piece. It makes everything unpredictable and spontaneous, which is more fun!

Show Her Where You Live – This may be an unusual first date advice but believe me, it works. So as not to make her think that you are up to something, just casually invite her in and say that you just need to get something. Let her check your place out as you pretend to look for something. The rationale behind this is that if things go well, inviting her over in the future won’t be that awkward.

Be Punctual and Dress Appropriately – I think this needs no explanation.

Let her Talk More – never ask yes or no questions. And remember, keep your personal issues locked inside a safe. Focus on her alone. Also, act like you also want her to impress you.

How to End Your Date – keep things short for now. Make certain that it is you that ends the date so as to make her feel that your time is precious. Crucial first date advice: end the date at its peak so as to make her look forward to the next one.

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