Flirt, even if D R U N K

Flirt, even if D R U N K
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On the way home from Taste of Minnesota last night, I seemed to be smiled at, winked at and waved at by every guy that passed. We were at a red light, as you see as this guy started taking photographs of me. So I whipped out my Rebel then Tony tossed his on the dashboard and started clicking too. This was the best I got but, it was hilarious even if he was drunk. Ryan even told someone on the phone that we have a girl in the car that seems to get flirted with by a bunch of guys.

It is always recommended to start with a small conservation with the girl you like. Chat with her about common matters, studies, her friends, her family, and her interests. Do not rush her up. Stay calm and composed with her. Do not flood her with compliments. She might think you are faking it. Always focus you actions starting from nice acquaintance to intimate friendship to the love proper.


So, how do you flirt with a girl that you are attracted to?  Here are the 8 tips that surely will help you to start flirting with any woman.


1.   Start with the humor! Learn to be witty Try and throw some jokes.


This will help make her comfortable in interaction with you. Most of the girl’s club intelligence and confidence together. So make her believe that you stick to your words and you are secure with yourself. If you spill some wrong beans, follow it up with something funny and turn it into a joke.


2.   Next step in flirting with a girl is being confident.


Flirting with a woman, you are interested in, can be done using your body language. Body language is an essential but often overlooked part of communication. Not only your body gestures but also the dressing style can be vital while flirting


3.   Flirting means sitting close to her and not breathing down her neck.


Two chairs side-by-side is just what is exactly needed for that moment. Never be too eager to always start up a conversation. Give her the opportunity as well. Tell her some short wise and wonderful story if there is a long pause between your talks. Be a good listener too.


4.   Find out her interests like music she likes, authors she reads etc.


Talk to her about these things. If you can’t think of anything to talk about, start the conversation using a starter like” How has your day been?”


5.   Praise also plays an important role.


 A woman’s asset is her beauty. More often than not, when she wants to get a man’s attention, she will show it off more often. So praise her but don’t over do it! She would take your flirtation to a higher level if she is serious about you. She would rather leave cookies on your table than showing off her beauty and charm. This should be taken as a gesture of acceptance of your flirtation.


6.   You can also start flirting with gifts.


Be patient with your lady love. Try giving her little gifts like a yellow rose and gradually a red rose. Soft toys are often preferred by the girls. A small cup of coffee can also work wonders in your efforts to flirt.


7.   Another good way to flirt is to give her a shoulder to cry upon.


Don’t make her cry, but if she feels like telling you some sad things in her life, be a sport and console her.  Try to help her out with problems. Do not interfere too much. She will automatically come to you. Ensure her that you are always there for her. You can always spice up her mood by starting a surprising conversation that she might not be expecting.


8.   Play small games like eye-contact.


Once you are glued to her eyes, you can always find out whether she has any interest in you. When you approach a woman, always pay attention to her eyebrows. If they are immediately raised but are followed by steady eye contact and a smile, you have probably got the green signal to proceed.


Remember, you have to keep the woman in your life always happy. It is the most important thing in any relationship. This will help your love life grow to the fullest. Some of the above tips will surely help you to start the flirting!


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