Flowers attracting a woman

Flowers attracting a woman
attract women
Image by OKie surfer How To Meet Women |How To Attract Women |Dating Tips For Guys In this video I want to talk about how to create sexual chemistry with a woman. You don’t want to end up in a friends’ category. You may not be every woman’s type but it doesn’t matter because you can create sexual chemistry with every woman if you know how to do that. One way to create sexual chemistry with any woman is what I call pull and push strategy. One minute you are affectionate with a woman and the next you are acting a little bit aloof. So she is getting mixed signals from you. She doesn’t know how much you like her. And this is what you want because it’s human nature to want what we can’t get. But at the same time if you consistently show her that you don’t want her she’s not gonna stick around; she’s not gonna be interested much longer. So you want to show her that you want her at one moment and the next time you are acting a little bit indifferent, a little bit aloof. And then next time you act all affectionate again, that gets her all confused. She starts thinking about you a lot because now she is confused; she doesn’t know how much you like her and if you like her. And the only way for her to resolve this confusion and to answer this question is to take your relationship to the next level sexually. That’s how you create sexual attraction with a woman. If you want to become more successful at meeting and dating the kind of women you want to meet, date and sleep with
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