Fred Howland learns to pick up women

Fred Howland learns to pick up women
pick up women
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Fred, pre-sexy.

Imagine the scene. You are standing in a queue and you see the most gorgeous girl you have ever seen before. You are rooted to the spot totally unaware of anything but this girl. You have an almost uncontrollable urge to run over to her and start talking. The “fight or flight syndrom” kicks in as your body pumps out adrenaline. You want to find out her name and you desperately want her number.

Suddenly your mouth gets dry, your hands start to feel moist and your brain gives you a hundred reasons to just look away. So what do you do? Give up and run to fight another day (and beat yourself up for it for the next week) or breathe deep, bite the bullet and approach her even though you don’t know the best way of doing this – especially beautiful ones?

This is a scenario that almost every man faces at least once (if not every week) in their lives. It can be hard for men to approach girls and even harder when it comes to picking up women how are beautiful. The art of picking up women has become much harder since females became more independent and selective in their choice of partners. The 21st century male really has his work cut out for him!

So here are a few tips for picking up women that you may not have used before.

– Where have you been looking for the perfect girl? Do you know that very few girls meet their partner in a bar? Think of the type of woman you want to spend time with. What does she like doing? What are her interests? Picking up women is easier when you meet them in places that interest them, while you are doing things they find interesting. Being passionate about what you love is one of the easiest methods to seduce beautiful girls. So seek out girls in places where they will appreciate the things you enjoy doing!


– Don’t rush in! Review the situation first. Has she noticed you? Did she look over? Many men refuse to believe a beautiful woman may be interested in them. The very same rules apply to gorgeous girls as those that apply to average ones when it comes to picking up women.

– Attempt to catch her eye. When she looks at you smile back. Do not look away nervously! Stay relaxed but try not to stare at her. Just smile naturally not with a wide Cheshire cat grin. Being natural and confident is the key to getting girls attention.

– Don’t overdo it! Look away and give her a second to access the situation and you. After a few minutes you can make your move.

– If she looks at you there is a chance. If she smiles you’re onto a winner. If she looks away shyly or immediately talks to her friend and her friend looks over this is a good sign. She will never approach you though! If you’re in a bar send over a drink first. Wait for several minutes before you walk over to her, to give her time to question why you did it and have a think about how she feels about it! If you are in a special interest setting start talking to her about it.

– However, when picking up women there is on occasions reason to act quickly. You should act quickly if she looks bored. This is the only time you should ignore the tip above. If she looks bored or annoyed with her company just act! Opportunities are available everyday but they only turn into successes if you act!

– Girls love confident, bold men. Only 20% of a woman’s attraction to a man is based on physical appearance. This is an important point when it comes to picking up women.

– If you think confidently you will naturally act confidently. When picking up women it is important to project confidence. Therefore while you are preparing to approach just quickly imagine a positive outcome in your mind. Quickly imagine that you are walking towards her. then you start talking and laughing with her. Then see yourself getting her number. This will put you immediately into a more confident frame of mind which will be reflected in your body language.

– The above technique should also be used when you are not in the company of anyone else – as a sort of practice run. It is an invaluable technique when it comes to picking up women. Visualizing yourself as a great pick-up artist will have amazing results. Use your imagination to create a mental scene where you are ozing confidence and charisma. See yourself being successful with gorgeous girls. Create the positive feelings that you will experience when this scene is real. Visualize this every night just before you drift off to sleep. Although you may not realize the power of this exercise trust me when I tell you that it will increase your chances of picking up women by 1000%! Women know if you are confident or faking it so this little technique will dramatically improve your confidence and belief in yourself.

Follow the above advice and you will do well in the dating game and will get to meet many beautiful and interesting girls.

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