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funny flirty pick up lines
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Tips For Keeping Your Sexting Subtle, Not Slutty

There is a still as yet unknown secret that many individuals should consider joining in on. That secret is the subtle art of sexting. Foreplay has evolved in the new era. Long ago people would send letters to each other all across the world to keep in touch and keep their passionate home fires burning when they were separated from each other for a time. When the telephone came onto the scene sending messages slowly became less prevalent as more and more people purchased phones and began to talk directly to each other. With the advent of the internet, however, messaging once again began to grow in interest and usage. Instant messaging begat cyber-sex. This begat sexualized texting on cell phones. This evolved into the phenomenon known as sexting.

Sexting is sexually charged texting that can be done with or without a known partner. An individual with another human being on the other end of a dialed cell phone is the only true requirement to sext. However, beyond that there is a level of technique and flair that must be a part of any sexting session to keep it from going into the realm of the slutty and whorish while having it remain in the area of seduction and sensuality.

Be Gentle It’s Your First Time

Anyone who has not sexted before, has not yet sexted with a particular partner, or has little experience and needs a few pointers should consider paying attention now. The truth is that sexting is entirely a game of the mind. There are no pheromones or adoring looks involved. There is no subtle or in-subtle body language to read. The only way to communicate is through the sexting itself or via quickly taken photos to show your mood.

When first beginning to sext many people, especially teenagers unfortunately, go overboard and begin to send messages that detail exactly what they would do to a person in graphic and sometimes disturbing detail. When pictures are involved it can become even worse.

To assuage this issue take things slow and do not graphically detail anything at first. The best policy is to be cute and funny with a slightly sexual overtone.


Kimberly K. has a guy she likes and she wants to let him know she’s interested but he’s very popular and she doesn’t feel confident in her ability to actually convince him that she is destined to be his everything. Her weapon of choice to try and prove this is her cell phone since she doesn’t trust herself not to act like a complete and total botard in his presence. They begin sexting after she someone convinces him to give her his number in some manner.

Her desire to convince him leads her down two separate paths. One path has her leaving messages in the order of “Oh hey .. do u knoe wut I wan do 2 u?” Jason, the object of her obsessions, replies “Uh.. no.. what?” Kimberly then proceeds to explain in detail about how she’d be happy to swirl her tongue around his penis like a slippery love serpent or something similar. She is correct in believing this will get his attention. There is no doubt that a few minutes of talking like this will guarantee that Jason will desire to come give her that good lovin’ she desires. However, he stops talking to her after they have wild passionate sex a few times. He’s no longer interested. Kimberly is broken hearted and possibly pregnant, or at least quite sore.

Her alternate path would have had her admit that she had thought about him a few times and she might have said something like, “U know what would look good on you?” and Jason would reply, “No What?” Kimberly would have followed this up with “Uhm..Nothin..”

Jason would have entered manly pervert mode but Kimberly would have skillfully deflected his come ones by teasing him a little and promising nothing. In short, she would have gotten him hot and bothered but he would have to work hard at it before he would get up in her proverbial Kool-Aid. The end result here is that they date for about a year and occasionally have sex before they break up. While some would prefer a story book ending life is not a fairy tale and they had some good times but were too young to be ready to commit for life. Either way neither of them thinks that the other is a slut and a friendship might continue after this with the occasional late night booty call just to pass the time. As most people know, everyone on occasion needs a little “something something” to pass the time.

A Few Important Rules

To be more specific on how not to sound slutty while sexting; remember three important rules.

1) If you would not say it in person then you should not say it in a sext. This will keep you from getting in over your heard or possibly ending up upside down then crying the next day about how much of a dirty “ho” you are. This is just as true for the guys who need sexting advice by the way.

2) If you don’t know their last name then they don’t need to know how you look naked. This rule means that you should take your time when sexting and actually try to learn a little about the other person. Your suggestive sexts will work a lot better if you know enough about your partner to keep them interested without promising to go all naked reverse cowgirl on his wriggle stick. Again this can be good advice for some guys as well.

3) You might have to talk to your mother if she calls. This rule means that no matter how hot and bothered you get there is always a chance someone is going to call and need to talk to you. If you’re busy talking about being split in half you might feel too ‘dirty’ to say hi to your mother or other people of interest in your life. To keep this from being an issue simply dial down the sex and turn up the flirtiness. Cheesy pick-up lines can be fun too, but generally only if you are charismatic and lamp-shade them a bit (admit they are cheesy lines and laugh with your partner at your dorkiness) it may endear you to the other person without being compared to a doorknob. A smart sexter does not want to sound like everyone has gotten a turn.

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Originally posted 2004-11-01 01:16:12.

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