Funny Pick Up Lines: Do They Work?

Funny Pick Up Lines: Do They Work?

funny pick up lines

Many men believe that in order to pull funny pick up lines, all they have to do is memorize them and say it when the need arises. Sadly, the use of pick up lines are not enough to get the girl of your dreams. Right timing, skills and knowledge are necessary to pull this off. Can these be learned?


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Funny Pick Up Lines: Can it Turn Women On?

Maybe you can. Most of the time funny guys and natural chick-magnet can get away with using funny pick up lines but for regular Joes like us, it may take a while. Sometimes, although pick up lines may work, it cannot sustain interesting and fun conversations. What men need to do to conquer women is learn tricks on how to open women up and sustain fun conversations that would attract and make them yearn for us more.

I wrote a book called Mack Tactics that talks about things I’ve learned about women. I realized that it takes more than looks and charm to keep a woman interested and in your bed. I’ve created some tactics that will aid men in understanding and attracting women better.

Neutral Openers can help you achieve things funny pick up lines can’t. Neutral openers will help you have longer and more fun conversation. Secondly, neutral openers do not directly tell her that you want to get her laid. All in all, neutral openers not only open up conversations with women, it also aims to attract and turn her on, eventually. If you don’t know yet, women love subtle hints of interest. You need to build up her excitement and slowly increase her attraction towards you.

Flirt Openers – these are almost the same as your average funny pick up lines or just your regular pick up lines. However, using flirt openers require skills and the knowledge of the woman’s interest in you. You should have the skill to create conversation topics fast.

Conveying Social Value – majority of men think that all they have to do is approach a girl and tell her some funny pick up lines and that’s it! What they don’t know is that women put a high premium on how men talk to people and how people respond to them. Thus, before you talk to a girl, make the time to show her that you are someone they can be comfortable with by how the people respond to you. She must notice that you’re someone everybody wants to be friends with. This will decrease your chances of being rejected and increase your chances of talking to her. In fact, since you’ve established that you’re a prize to be had, a lot of women won’t mind if you start talking to them. By then, you don’t have to feel nervous or try to impress her. She’s already impressed, are you kidding me?

Now I’m not saying that funny pick up lines don’t work. What I’m trying to say is it takes more than just funny pick up lines to turn women on. If you want to improve your macking skills…

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