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Why We Are Enamored Of Funny Chat Up Lines

Have you ever asked yourself why people yearn for funny chat up lines? For what reason specifically do countless men and women spend hours searching the internet and talk about them with their confidants? What is the reason that so many people remember them to use at a later date?

The truth is that most people use chat up lines because they are terror-stricken. Agitation is one of our biggest obstacles when it comes to talking to someone you are attracted to. What does that have to do with pick up lines?

When you see someone you really want to meet and talk to you walk over to them and here is what happens:

1) Nothing

You stand there like an idiot waiting for your brain to come to life and say nothing except maybe a few urg um uhs. Unable to think of anything to say. This would not have happened if you could have relied on some funny pick up lines.

2) You turn into a long-winded minor.

You approach the person and say “Hey how are you doing?” They might opine.”Hi.”You may even follow up with all the silly questions like where do you work? What’s your job? Do you like______? Then you are afflicted with brain freeze and just stand there waiting for the other person to say something until you are so embarrassed you have to just leave. Hilarious pick up lines would have saved the day.

3) You get upset and offended

You say “Hello, how are you?” then the other person gazes at you waiting patiently to see what other entertaining bits of conversation may come from your lips. This makes you feel somewhat blue so you get antsy and say something like “You could at least be polite when someone says hello” and stride away in a huff. Funny chat up lines could have turned the whole thing around.

These examples are based on actuality. Everyone can recognize themselves in these scenarios. Now if you pay attention to these occurences you may see that you were the one who was in charge of the outcome the whole time. Your powerlessness to have begun a fantastic chat was completely your own fault.

In each one of the above situations you expected the other person to act in a certain way and keep the conversation going. When they did not you were left looking like a nerd. The fact is that the other person does not know you and really has no idea that you such an amazing man. So for what reason should they invest themselves in the affair. You have to assist them to be interested enough in you to want to communicate with you.

That is where a really outstanding funny chat up line comes in handy and why people enjoy them so much and look upon them in fascination. The only thing we have to do is chill out and talk to the person just like we talk to our friends but we are often terrified of rejection and are unable to relax enough to do so. So we hem and haw and are unable to think of anything to say.

Using the right pick up lines can help us to not obstruct ourselves. By availing of really hilarious pick up lines the other person may smile and allow you to breathe easier and not be so scared you will be rejected. She did not reject you. Laughter is encouraging.

This is where funny chat up lines can be very important. They establish the tone of the conversation from blah and drab to fun and electrifying.If you yearn for a few fresh funny chat up lines visit and examine tons of examples of the funny pick up lines now and begin exploiting them to chat up women.

funny pick up lines smile

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Originally posted 2004-05-16 16:57:13.

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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