Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls: Are They Effective?

Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls: Are They Effective?

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Have you been listing down funny pick up lines for girls? It may work for some men, but did you ever think if it will also work for you?

But, I am not saying that funny pick up lines for girls are worthless. Keep in mind that not all men are gifted with the ability to make people laugh.


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Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls: Are There Other Alternatives?

Because of this, I have formulated some effective alternatives to funny pick up lines for girls. In Mack Tactics eBook, I explained several things that are based on my experience with women. Read on for a brief overview.

Analyze Women

Understand that women are complex in nature. You’ll never be able to pull off funny pick up lines for girls unless you understand how women think and behave. Keep in mind that women also love the case, of going after men they can’t have. Keep in mind that they love men who emanate power and authority. You will find further explanation in my Mack Tactics eBook.

Establish Social Value

In the preceding paragraph, I mentioned that girls love men who emanate authority. So don’t use all funny pick up lines for girls that you know until you’ve conveyed social value. And here are some the things that you can do to demonstrate social value:

If you’re in a bar, be nice and greet everyone you know, including the waiters and bartenders. Make sure that you’re enjoying and your friends are also loving your company. This will give girls an idea that you’re sociable and a fun guy to be with. Through this, she won’t freak out when you approach her. Every girl loves it when she gets the attention of a guy whom everybody likes.

Knowing Neutral Openers

Because neutral openers do not suggest anything sexual, it’s better than funny pick up lines for girls. It’s easier to let a girl talk if you say something about her interests. Neutral openers require you to observe a woman first. What is she doing? Take notice of how she looks. Read an example of a neutral opener:

“You girls look like experts…let me ask you a quick question. How long do you need to be dating a guy before you change the status on your Facebook page from “single” to “in a relationship?” Because my friend Jen has been with a guy for about a month, and his Facebook page still says “single”…and she’s not sure whether she should say something about it.”

Women love to answer questions related to this.

Flirt Openers

Flirt openers are a bit tricky and should only be used when you already have confidence with your game. Here is a flirt opener that you can use:

“You have a great sense of style—I have to tell you, you look amazing tonight.”

You can cut to the chase and tell her how attracted you are to her if you’re confident in your game.

Most of the time, funny pick up lines for girls work only when it’s used by a man who has the naturally ability to make people laugh. Learn how to read cues and neutral and flirt openers..

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