Getting Girls to Notice You

Getting Girls to Notice You

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When you enter a room, you want to get attention from the ladies right away, but it is not that simple. When you want to get the attention you want, you can do one of two things: act like the most self-assured man in the world or just be your plain friendly and gregarious self. Given the two options, you still have to know several tips on how to get girls to notice you, if you have some problems in that department. Hence, you need to equip yourself with tips and pointers about how to get girls to look your way. If you want to know how, keep on reading!

A good knowledge of making girls take notice your presence amid a sea of faces is your trump card. When you know the ways to make them look your way, the stage is set. So, the first step you need to take is to come off as the most eligible bachelor in the room. You can achieve this by your attire. Thus, you should present yourself in neat yet hip manner. Aside from your trendy get-up, you should also show your confidence in your manner; talk, walk, and be confident.


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Flirting Tips – How To Make A Girl Notice You

With your wardrobe taken care of, you have to use the second tip on how to make girls to notice you: say an interesting opener. The opening line that you choose to say to the girl you want to talk to or probably date does not need to be over-the-top funny or witty. It only has to be attention-grabbing so that the girl can stop in her tracks and listen to what you have to say. To help you in this area, you can actually resort to two types of openers: the neutral and the flirt opener. The two types of openers vary greatly in quality.

If you are not as suave as James Bond in dishing out openers to the ladies, then you should first stick to neutral openers in the hope of making a girl take notice of your presence. Neutral openers are “safe” to use as they do not carry any romantic interests on your part. This gives the girl a sense of comfort and does not give the girl the need to take cover. You can try out opener # 2 for a safe and comfortable start of the conversation. Thus, you can use the line that goes: “Let me ask you something real quick” and for sure, you will get the girl to talk to you.

Flirt openers, on the other hand, should be used by a master of the dating game. This being so, you can tell the girl straight that you are romantically interested in her. Of course, the flirt opener should be said in perfect timing: Make sure to say it only after you have made eye contact and have elicited a smile from her in order to prevent the girl from running away from you. One great flirt opener you can you is the line that goes: “You are so cute, I had to come over here and say hello.” This simple line conveys confidence and definitely commands attention, thus it is a great way to make a girl notice you.

In summary, getting the girl to know that you are there needs you to maintain an acceptable and attractive image. Thus, you have to look, feel, and be confident; do not ever apologize for striking a conversation with a girl and do not ever seek permission from the girl to be able to talk to her. Presuppose that she is so into you too, and just deliver the lines. When you are confident and prepared, you will definitely get the girls to notice you.

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