Girls’ Night Out for Women’s Health, hosted by Christiana Care

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Girls’ Night Out for Women’s Health, hosted by Christiana Care
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Image by Christiana Care
On Thursday, Oct.13, Christiana Care hosted more than 300 women at the first ever Girls’ Night Out event at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Attendees at this free event took advantage of lectures on breast-cancer diagnosis and prevention, and the role that genetics plays in cancer prevention. The lectures featured experts from the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, including Diana Dickson-Witmer, M.D., associate medical director of the Breast Center, radiologist Jacqueline Napoletano, M.D., and genetic counselor Chandra Somerman.

Girls’ Night Out attracted a diverse crowd of women of all ages, races and ethnicities from throughout the area, including New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Cecil County, Md.

“I have a sister-in-law who had breast cancer,” said Wilma Whittington, a Girls’ Night Out attendee. “I came so I can spread the word to my family and friends about the importance of taking care of yourself and prevention.”

Christiana Care staff provided free bone-density and blood-pressure screenings for 186 attendees, while Breast Center staff led tours of their new offices and performed mammograms for 40 women. The inaugural event also featured healthy food demonstrations, a photo booth and giveaways provided throughout the evening.

Event organizers partnered with the Avon Foundation for Women and Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help promote the event and provide on-site education and resources.

The event was a collaboration of several departments within Christiana Care, including Women’s Health Services, Community Outreach & Education, the Breast Center, Imaging, Center for Heart & Vascular Health, Preventive Medicine & Rehabilitation Institute’s Food & Nutrition Services, and the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center.

It seems that just as a man thinks he has master the art of attracting a woman, he realizes he does not know a thing!

Rather than trying so hard to figure out women, guys would do well to spend some time on themselves. Guys would do better focusing on personal habits rather than attracting women; that will work better than simply trying to figure out ladies.

So, what should a man focus on about himself if he wants to attract women? For beginners, men must be groomed and tidy. Long gone are the days when hair salons and spas were full of women.

Now, it is not uncommon to see a heterosexual male in a nail technician’s chair as it is a woman.

Men should not be afraid to take measures to improve their grooming habits. In addition to attracting women, those in your work place will also take notice. Careers as well as personal lives have been advanced by paying attention to personal appearance.

More and more, men are finding that attracting women means paying attention to their grooming habits. First impressions are vital to attracting women, so having a neat personal appearance is a must.

What can a man do to improve grooming habits in order to attract women?

Paying close attention to facial hair is a must. Be sure to ask your barber or hairstylist to trim your eyebrows, nose hair, and ear hair at every hair cut. As for the hair on the head, a man should be certain that he does not go too long between hair cuts if he wants to impress a woman.


In addition to hair, men should also be sure that their nails and hands are free of dirt. Proper skin care can also attract women to a man.

Clothing is another area where men struggle. Women are attracted to men who are well put-together and wrinkle free. If a man is unsure what colors match and what styles best suit him, he should go to several different stores and seek the help of a sales consultant.

Improving appearance also has a side benefit of improving self esteem. Women will be attracted to men who are confident in themselves rather than those who are not so sure about themselves or their appearance.

The way a man views himself is generally the way a woman will view him as well. If a man does not feel good about the person he is, he should consider therapy so that he can attract a woman who will value him for who he is.

Attracting women is also about goal setting and attainment. Taking the time to figure out goals and set time lines can go a long way towards attracting women. A woman who meets a man who is striving to attain goals knows that the man is serious about his commitments and what he finds important.

In order to attract women, men must always be themselves. When considering appearance, do not change your appearance to match someone you are not. Instead, focus on being the best person you can be, inside and out.

A man who is being himself not only knows exactly who he is, he is unwilling to compromise his behavior in order to please other people. Women are attracted to men who stand for what they believe in and do not back down from a moral challenge.

Being yourself also means being honest and sincere. Women are attracted to men who know themselves well and project themselves in a positive way. Women are attracted to men who will be honest with them during tough times.

When a man knows who he is, is not ashamed of who he is, and tries to be sincere and honest at all times, he will attract women with little difficulty.

Another great way for men to attract women is cultivating an interest in her hobbies.

By showing interest and being willing to participate in her interests, a man is showing a woman that what is important to him is important to her.

A woman who knows a man trying to tune into what she feels is important is attracted to him. She feels that the man is more concerned with making her happy than making himself happy.

In closing, attracting a woman is sometimes more about a man knowing who he is and taking care of personal grooming habits rather than it asking every woman he meets for a date. Taking time to attend to personal appearance and moral character are great ways of attracting women.

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