Good Pick Up Lines to Attract Women Immediately – Even Fail-Proof for The Fat and Broke

I have to admit that some so-called good pick up lines are actually terrible and ineffective.

Are you familiar with corny pick up lines like these:

” Your daddy must have been a thief, because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.” “Are you a parking ticket? Because you are a little fine.”

Using so-called good pick up lines like these will cause a man to be alone for a very long time. These lines are cheesy, old, lame, and one of the best ways to make a woman pass you by.

Too many women are already aware of these romanic pick up lines, and many people think that there aren’t any good pick up lines to pick up women.

But that’s far from the truth.

What are good pick up lines?

A good pick up line will actually own up to what it says – and give you what you’re really after; which is obviously the woman right?

Okay what is the point anyway for using good pick up lines?

Pretty simple; to start up a conversation with a woman.

The first step is to get her to talk to you, then once you’ve accomplished this goal, it’s time to wave your magic wand to get her phone number or pager number, or whatever you can get out of the deal.

Good pick up lines – Focus on engaging her.

Of course you have to do more than just talk to her, the key is to engage her by drifting her into an interesting conversation with you, and I do mean interesting.

This is where good pick up lines come in at. It is human nature for men to be nervous when picking up women, but not knowing exactly what to say can cause you to miss out on something good – the woman, because it can take a minute or two to get together some good thoughts; some good pick up lines.

NEVER use these type of PULs

1. Never compliment a woman on her looks or clothes.
2. Never ask her a question that requires a yes or no answer.
3. Never ask her for directions when approaching her.

These are nice but they are not good pick up lines, simply because they don’t engage her, it only requires an answer to your question, leaving no reason to keep talking, but gives you a one-way ticket towards a hard brick wall.

Example of good pick up lines

It’s simple, just ask her something that requires more thought on her part, but make it interesting. Ask her opinion about a topic that interest women; like relationship, friendship, motherhood, pregnancy, etc.

Here’s an example of a good romantic pick up line…(well not exactly romantic)

“Hello, may I have your opinion on something? Do you think it is okay, or normal for a woman to get pregnant just so she could get a welfare check and more foodstamps? I would really love to hear a woman’s opinion on this matter.”

Then you can simply tell her a story about someone you know that’s trying to get pregnant for this reason, or who’s already pregnant for the sake of a welfare check.

Good pick up lines like these are very effective because it’s interesting and the conversation is continuous and prolonged, leaving you the chance to work your magic and get her number, or even dinner tomorrow night.

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