Good Pick Up Lines

Have you ever seen the girl sitting at the bar across the room and wondered how you were going to go over there and just start talking? How were you going to make her look at you and just fall madly in love? What could you possibly say to someone that gorgeous to make sure that she said yes? There are some great pick up lines out there that you can try.

*“If you were a booger I would pick you first.” Or maybe that would not be such a good start.
*“Can I take a picture of you so that I can show Santa what I really want for Christmas.”

That one might get you a little further. Sometimes you just have to decide whether you want to try for humor or whether you are going to try serious and sweet. Sometimes, no matter which ones you try and how hard you try, pick up lines just do not go over with women very well.

*“Are you lost because Heaven is a long way from here.”
*“Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

Some women find these types of great pick up lines extremely sweet and fall all over themselves for the guy who tries to charm them by using them. Some women find them completely cheesy and will either flat out turn you down if you try to use them, or maybe even just laugh at the lousy attempt of flattery. Sometimes when men try using these to pick up women, their male modesty gets the best of them and they tend to come off a bit sarcastic or insincere.

*“I want to bag you like some groceries.”
*“You have been a bad girl. Go to my room.”

Some women feel put off by a man that cannot express emotions and lines like this are the ones that tend to turn women away. Some great pick up lines that are sincere and heartfelt are winners with women who want to see a softer side of their man.

*“I know I don’t have a chance. I just wanted to hear an angel talk.”

Using lines like these only work if they are delivered correctly. You have to make them seem like they just occurred to you when you sat down beside the woman. You cannot let her know that you sat at your own table for thirty minutes thinking of the right way to approach her, let alone the right words to say. You need to stay positive and up beat. Definitely steer away from the cheap sexual pick up lines.

*“What has 142 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? My zipper.”

Try something a little more casual and sincere. Make sure you come off with some charm and self confidence as you talk to her.

*“Why do I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world is sitting in this room?”

These pick up lines are more likely to attract the attention of women who are looking for something more than just a sexual encounter or a short time fling. Women that are mature and looking for more than just a good time want to see a man’s self confidence when he approaches. She wants to see the charm and soft side that most men lack when they are choosing to use pick up lines, whether good pick up lines or lousy ones.

Sometimes when you are approaching that woman that you have been looking at for an hour, it is best if you just begin a normal conversation. The biggest problem, again, with using pick up lines is the way they are expressed. Sometimes women just feel like it is just too cheesy to even listen to the pick up lines that the men are trying to feed them. Some women would rather listen to you talk about sports or the weather than try to pull off a cheesy pick up line. Sometimes, though, you will find that woman that still cannot resist a quick pick up line that makes her smile.

“If beauty were sunlight you would shine from a million miles away.”
“If beauty were time, you would be an eternity.”

So, whether you are trying to strike up a conversation that might lead to the next love of your life, or if you just want to make nice for one night, there are some good pick up lines that you can try. There are some of these that you can use while still holding on to your pride and show a woman some real old fashioned charm. A little but of confidence and taste when approaching a woman with a pickup line will go a long way. Just remember that every woman is different and that not all will respond the same way to the same lines. So have confidence in yourself and use your judgment at each new meeting. Good luck and happy dating.

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Originally posted 2016-07-18 08:48:36.