Great Pick Up Lines for Girls to Get Guys

Pick up lines are ice breakers that a girl can use to get into a conversation with smart and handsome guy, you may be interested in! A good pick up line may even lead to a good date. So you never underestimate value of pick up lines. All you need to deliver a good pick up line is to have good level of confidence. The idea is to create ripples with your pick up line and make the man on the other side take a notice of you and want to talk to you.  A good pick up line delivered with the right attitude is what it takes! Read further to know exactly how it happens. 

Pick up lines used by girls can be categorized in to various types. There are some normal, regular pick up lines, while some are cheesy, some pick up lines are funny, some pick up lines can be romantic and also suggestive, some pick up lines are cute and make a man take a notice of you. To make the right impression with your pick up line, make sure you see the mood of the man and read his body language that will give you a fair idea of his personality. Depending on these factors, choose the appropriate pick up line. 

If it is an office ambience and there is a handsome guy sitting on a canteen table then use a simple and a subtle pick up line. For example you can say “You look very familiar, have we met before?” this works as an ice breaker and then you can continue polite conversation with him and take it further from there.

If it a college environment and you want to use a romantic pick up line for a guy whom you have been eyeing for quite some time. A very cute act would be to brush against him and say “I am sorry, I am so callous”. This always works; it is a sweet pick up line!

If you are in a dance bar or a pub, then you definitely need to use straightforward or suggestive pick up line, for the ambience calls for it. You can not be shy and coy.  For example, “can we dance?” or “you dance really well?”, “Hi, you look interesting”, “ I like your shirt”, “or compliment him by saying,  you are the hottest guy around. Such types of pick up lines click instantly and are lot of fun. 

Pick up lines are a fun way to start a direct conversation. The pick up line you choose to get your guy will reflect your personality also, whether you are a quiet, docile one or bold and happening one. Well, make sure that you don’t pick up a very cheesy line, unless the mood of the party calls for that. You can be creative and original in choosing a pick up lines suiting the atmosphere. Men like to be taken by surprise, so a surprisingly new pick up line is sure to impress them 


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