Great Pick Up Lines For Girls To Use On Guys

great pick up lines for girls to use on guys

David Deangelo Gets Pick Up Lines And Dating Tips In Latest Interview

David Deangelo recently interviewed famed dating coach David Wygant. David Wygant, a recent divorcee, was in his middle thirties, and the thought of going back to the “bar scene” held no appeal for him. David discovered he had a knack for meeting women in other places and later, discovered he could teach other men his dating tips and pick up techniques – in other words – how to do what he did.

David Wygant tells the listeners a story about how he flirts with women. On a whim, David took 5 of his friends into the supermarket. His friends picked out this girl in the supermarket, and told him to go pick her up. And he did! He walked up to her and started talking about cereal, and David turned the conversation to a sexual nature and he picked up the girl, just like that.

“So where do you start?” David Deangelo asks. First, David Wygant will actually fly out to his customer’s home town to learn how they act in their own environment. He wants to understand how they present themselves so that he can give them great conversational dating tips. Next, he has the guy approach a woman and watches to see their body language, the conversation, listening skills, observation skills, how they dress and so much more.

David Deangelo asks next, “How does someone take their own personal inventory to do this kind of thing at home?” Wygant recommends figuring out your five greatest strengths. This creates what he calls a “home field advantage”. What are you passionate about? What do you love to do? The examples he gives are someone who loves to travel, loves food and wine, cars, etc. You can eliminate cars, because most women are not going to care about cars. But let’s take the food and wine – start going to cooking classes, wine tasting and vineyards. Use food and wine to meet women, if you see a woman drinking a glass of wine, go up to her and talk to her about it, use it to get your foot in the door. Women are looking for a confident, passionate, secure man. Communicating your passion to a woman communicates these things to her directly.

Another great dating tip Wygant gives David Deangelo is to spend random 30 seconds every day flirting with women, even if you are not attracted to them. He then tells the guy that the next beautiful woman he sees is having a sexual fantasy about HIM. Now go talk to her while picturing her masturbating.

One thing that David Wygant makes it a point to do is to work with the skills that his customers already have. He then starts crafting approaches based on what that man already knows to make his pick up techniques much more viable and original.

Here are some great pick up lines:

In a bar: Strike fast and early! Ask them out before 10pm so that every guy that hits on them later gets compared to you. Walk over to her. “Are your friends doing the same things my friends are doing? Making you wait?” Then the conversation starts…ask her questions, listen and respond. Then look at your phone like you got a text message. “Oh! My friend’s in the dining room, I have to go. I would love to have dinner with you some night, what’s your number?”

In a clothing store: “Excuse me, can I help you?….Let me give you my opinion on those jeans/that dress/etc.” Then when you tell them you don’t work there, they think it’s hysterical.

At the gym: “May I work with you?” “Working out can be a little monotonous, let’s have some fun! You do my weights and I’ll do yours”. So make fun of the 10 pounds she is doing on the bench press machine, struggle and make a face like you can’t do it. Then when it’s her turn, only put like 20 pounds on the machine and when she does, tell her she won a personal training session with you.

On the street: “Excuse me, do you know where a coffee shop is?” (Even if you are standing in front of it.) Ask if it’s her favorite, why is that her favorite, etc, listening to her responses and asking questions accordingly.

Book Store: Friday and Saturday nights are great for meeting women in book stores. This is where the great women go to hide from the dorks at the bar. Walk the aisles, pick the woman you want to approach and observe her. See what books she is looking at to see her interests. Walk over to her and “break her space” by saying “Excuse me” and reaching across her to get a book right in front of her. The look at her book and say, “Oh, (read the title) – great – is that a (whatever type of section you are in) book?” and then she will start talking about the book. Then ask her, “Oh cool, are you into (whatever it is)?” Get her talking and you listening and ask questions based on what she has to say.

Yoga Class: A great place to meet women! Get there early. Pick the one you are attracted to and put your mat down next to her. Tell her, “Look, I am really not good at this, so please don’t laugh at me”. So then, you leave her alone. Go through the class. When it is over, tell her, “That was a great class, I really enjoyed it.” Then she will more than likely tell you how great you were, and you can take the conversation from there, telling her how hard you try, etc.

These are just a few of the great dating tips that David Deangelo gets from his interview series guest, David Wygant. There are so many more dating tips out there, but the best thing that any man can do to increase his pick up rate with women is to listen when they talk and ask questions. Don’t ask “Do you like to do this?” Ask her “Why do you like to do this?” Project your passions and build upon them and appear, over all, confident and sure of yourself when approaching any woman.

great pick up lines for girls to use on guys

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