Helicopter picking up lineman

Helicopter picking up lineman
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Helicopter Picking up Worker Power Lines

Pick Up Lines Work

A lot of people, especiall the women out there think that pick up lines don’t work. They say it’s cheesy and insults the woman. The reason is that there are a lot of bad information out there. Pick up lines done well are actually do work, but you have to understand that it’s a form of flirting. So, having said that . . .

99% of men out there just don’t know how to flirt in general anyway, so in a weird way they are indirectly right.

But, if you know the secrets to using pick up lines, then, if used correctly, will get you laid. I am telling you that I have what’s called feild experience, and pick up lines do work. That is, if you understand how they work and know the actual lines themselves. I cal these pick up lines that create flirting as “Naughty Banter.”

Context Of The Pick Up Lines: Naughty Banter

No cheesy lines are naughty banter lines like these:

-What’s you sign hotstuff.

-Boy, you’re really pretty: Can I buy you a drink?

You get the idea.

Here is a better way of using Pick Up Lines To Get Girls. A keen understanding of these pick up lines is so important.

Naughty banter assumes three things and you must understand them:

1. You don’t have a problem with the fact that you are a man and that you have a desire for women. When two people are attracted to each other, it’s only natural to have sex. You are nonjudgemental.

2. Think that all women are after you and that they only look at you as a sex object and that you hate that.

null Make her the sexual aggressor by jokingly pretending that she is the one that is the sexual aggressor.

You need to believe these three things otherwise it will be harder for you to use the pick up lines to get the girl.

Pick Up Lines

Most guys are just too serious: just be playful. If you do, she can’t get mad. I’ve taught so many guys and they say that these lines are too tough. Maybe, if you say them with a straight face.

These are going to be replys to what ever a woman says to you. Sprinkle them in between normal conversation that you are having. You can say these things right away.

Be playful and have a smile on your face when you say them! Have fun!

So, without delay, here are the pick up lines . . .

* OMG! You’re such a dork. Slow down, I’m not that easy!

* Is she always this forward.

* You know, I knew a girl once who had the same shape of your head, and she was trouble.

* You’re the type of girl that get’s off on making guys uncomfortable.

* Hey I am just a shy boy, you don’t want to take advantage of me with your dirty mind.

Use these lines in between topics and make them random but not weird. If you master this skill you will hav a lot of women interested in you!

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Viktor Kurgan is a dating expert specializing in pick up and relationships. He has worked with the now infamous The Mystery Method as an approach coach. He is currently working for Sinns of Attraction. His specialty is online dating and dating for men after 40.

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