He’s got a dozen girls..

He’s got a dozen girls..
get girls
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..and so has to practice his escape routes.

52 Weeks, Year Two, Week Twelve.

He’s got charm
He’s got style
He’s got a dozen girls
Tell me why
I don’t know why
He’s got a dozen girls

Hey , girls , I promise you haven’t see a maid who is so cute ,  I can’t waut to embrace her the first time I meet her in the fashion girls games.

She has wonderful skin and beautiful eyes . In her room , there are various of beautiful clothes for her in the fashon girls games , as well as many Accessories,that all the girls will be fascinated by the beautiful dresses.

Firstly , I want to design a funny style for her , so I choose pink Long curly hair and Humored Card with a pair Rabbit ears , then in order to bring Visual impact , I arrange a set of green clothes . this is not the end of the girls games, then I give her a pair of glasses with black frame . so just have a look of what you have done, for I can’t  help smiling . I think that the cute girl must be angry , Ha ha~ At this moment , I find the key —‘finish’ .you can also click it and then you can show what you have done.


She can rate to any designers when they finish their works . Can you guess how many scores I got , just 30 marks . maybe mostly people can’t bear my jokes .

It does not matter , I can make her to be a Sweet girl , just using my Imagination . so this time I choose blue short hair , and a set of beautiful blue Woman’s clothing with white Aprons for her, Image-building of wise maid . I put a black tie on her neck . Just several seconds , she has become a cute and beautiful girl . exciting!just click the button of ‘finish’. I got a high score –70 . Oh ! It is so cool !

Girls , do you really want to experience this wonderful girls games yourself ?

Just enjoy the funny dress up games for girls. and you will find it amazing to do that

Girls like playing  girl games,which you will have fun from playing it.and i like write articles about games for girls.wish you can have fun here

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