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hey… excuse me…
pick up lines
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… you dropped your name tag.

Pick up lines and seduction are two things that almost always get intertwined, so much so, that most guys think that seducing a woman is just about coming up with the right lines. Truth is, you don’t need any pick up lines to seduce a woman, and more often than not, relying on pickup lines will actually hurt your odds of getting a woman into bed with you. Now, before you react to that with disbelief, you have to understand that a pick up line is designed to open a conversation. And you can do that without using a generic “line” and guess what?

Women will not think you are trying to pick them up. And you have to realize, that most women ARE defensive about getting picked up. Now, if you come with a different approach and open a conversation with her using something OTHER than a pick up line, she is going to be less “defensive,” and that will leave her more OPEN to you.

Here’s how YOU can seduce a woman without using pickup lines:

1. Approach her casually and nonchalantly and open the conversation with an observation about wherever you are.

You can do this even in the traditional pick up spots like a bar or a club. Just casually walk up to a woman, and start a conversation with some witty remark about the place. Use whatever pops in your head, it doesn’t have to be really all that clever. Why this is important is because, when a good looking woman goes into a club, a part of her is already mentally prepared to deal with guys trying to pick her up. And when they are in that “defensive” mode, your game has to be totally on to get her most of the time. Now, when she thinks that all you are doing is getting a conversation going, she will turn off that defense mode, and that is when you can start building up her interest in you.

2. Get her to get out on the dance floor with you after a little bit of talking.

The reason why I like to get at least maybe a five minute conversation with a woman (not really deep, just playful banter), is because again, if you talk to her for a few seconds and then try to get her on the dance floor with you, she knows you were just trying to pick her up in a non obvious way. That can still work better than a pick up line does, but it still comes off like a pick up. Now, when you wait until you have some playful banter going, you have 2 things going for you. She’s starting to “like” you and that is a good thing, and it also seems totally natural for a guy to ask a woman to dance AFTER some good conversation.

3. Make her feel what it’s like to be in your “hold.”

Dancing is one of the easiest ways to get a woman into be, because most dancing resembles sex in some way. And when she feels what it’s like to be in your hold when you are dancing with her, it’s only natural that she’s going to think about sex at least on a subconscious level. All the while that this is going on in her head, it’s your face that she sees, it’s your hands that she feels on her waist or her hips. See where this ends up going?


Seduction is an art and knowing how to seduce a woman without pick up lines is a skill that most guys will NEVER learn… YOU CAN!

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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