How to Make Out With a Girl

How to Make Out With a Girl

So you’re interested in learning how to make out. It’s not surprising since people aren’t born good kissers. But, you won’t know if you’re a good one if you don’t do it. There’s no way to try unless you have someone to try it with.

Let’s have a look at the basics first. Making out is what, exactly? It’s just kissing. A lot of kissing. There’s a little tongue involved, but not a lot.

If you’re new to making out, your partner may be too. Don’t be too nervous or else you won’t find it as enjoyable. So just relax, take things slow and don’t worry too much.


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Tips on How to Make Out

Set the mood. Reduce the pressure and tension by setting up a romantic mood. Fix up the place, dim your lights and use scented candles if you think it’ll help, play soft music in the background.

Again, take it slow. Experienced kissers will tell you that there’s nothing worse than going from tightly closed lips to straight out tonsil hockey in the blink of an eye. Simply lean towards your partner and let her meet you along the way. Resist thrusting your tongue out. It’s a good idea to start with soft kisses on the lips.

To move on to start with the making out, part your lips slowly as you kiss. Relax as you slowly introduce your tongue to your partner. Just let it gently brush your partner’s lips. Depending on how your partner reacts or the way things are going, chances are your tongue will be touching hers. Don’t push things, yet.

Kiss deeply. Once you’re successful at the tongue introduction part, you can now boldly go into the unknown, your partner’s mouth. You’re pretty much playing swordfight with your tongues and this can feel both hot and gross. Only a thin line separates the two, to make sure you stay on the hot side, keep things interesting. Go with deep kissing, pull back gently to kiss her on her lips or neck, then go back to kissing your partner deeply. Don’t focus all your attention on the mouth; give it room to breathe too.

Find the right rhythm. You need to respond to your partner. Find the pace where you’re both comfortable and having fun. Take the time to breathe, hug, laugh, talk; don’t just kiss nonstop.

You and your partner should just have fun. You’re both learning how to make out, you’ll make mistakes but the best way to make sure there’ll be a repeat performance is the enjoyment you both get from the experience.

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