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Now there is a lot of ways to go about picking up women, during the day, clubs, online, social events and through friends. There is a few concepts that are the same in any situation when you are picking up girls. Now we will show these methods that mostly hold true regardless of the situation


You can either open a girl directly or indirectly, each have their own unique purposes. Direct is going up to a lady and directly telling her that you are interested. Eg, Hello I just had to come meet you because your beautiful. Now this type of opener is considered high risk, high reword because if she opens up and starts talking to you, she already knows that you are interested in her.

Indirect you approach a gal with a question eg. Who do you think lies more guys or girls? then inform her the reason why you are asking her‚ My friend is trying to inform me guys, but i am sure its girls’. This Approach will help you because you are not hitting on her null for this reason you are less of a threat. On the other hand null are a lot more likely to end up in the friend zone.

I prefer direct in most cases as it is a lot more efficient, as you find out the truth about where the interaction is going a lot faster.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd

After she has opened up, its time to show your not just going to ask the exact same questions as the last 100 guys who talked to her. Eg, where are you from? These questions are an instant attraction destroyer because in her mind she just puts you in the crowd of guys with nothing original to say.

if we want the a woman to be happy to meet us, we need to prove we are different. We can do this by making a ‘you and her; bubble. Eg, Your now my finance for the next 5 minutes and our wedding needs some serious planning. Then you just shoot the shit about any wedding cliche you can think off, we must have a conga line! There are tons of ‘you and her’ scenarios and almost all work wonders!

You can also comment on things that are near you. I like to do this by telling her that a fun thing to do is think up stories about the people around you. Eg, when talking to a gal on the street and you see people walking past you, I like to say ‘I bet that guy had fun last night, I can tell by the way he’s walking’.

You can think of countless ways to stand out from the crowd, you should use these two as a jumping point.

Increasing attraction

She is already attracted to you if she is standing there talking to you, now you just want to build on it. The most effective methods to increase attraction are eye contact and touching her, these 2 increase attraction dramatically.

75% of the time is the perfect amount of time to hold eye contact when talking to a girl you are trying to build attraction with. When you do this you want it to seem normal.

Touching these girls lets them know you are interested in being more than friends, you should do this so they do not put you in the friendzone. You can use dozens of ways to incorporate touching into conversations with her.

An easy way to incorporate touching into the interaction is by doing playful touching, this means if she says something cute pull her in and give her a little hug, and if she says jokingly makes fun of you, give her a little push away. When speaking to her, you can also touch her arm in order to stress a point.

Comfort Building

Now your on your way to getting her, you have already proven your different and she is feeling atrration for you, its time to build some comfort. Now at this point it is ok to use the questions that I said not to in the first 5 minutes, as now she actually wants to get to know you because you are no longer just a random guy.

You don’t just go straight into interview mode, space out the questions as to not make the conversation generic. Now you need to also give her time to think of things she wishes to ask you. This will take the pressure off you to come up with everything to say, while also creating a real conversation.

including sexual questions into your conversation greatly increases the chances you have to sleep with a girl because it shines a light on your sexuality. When including sexual questions into the conversation you want to start of small, like tell me about your first boyfriend, then slowly progress onto ones like where is strangest place you’ve had sex? In order to not come off creepy you will have to keep these questions spread out. Never ask her how many guys she has been with, this is a huge no no.


There are a few of ways to close the conversation that signify you pick her up. You can do this by getting a kiss from her, getting her real phone number and taking her home. Almost all scenarios will only allow you to get a number close, as it is the least threatening for a women.

You don’t want to just ask for her phone number you want to play it off and tell her to give it to you. The best way to get a ladies number is to set up a future meeting and then say give me your number. Eg, ‘lets have a drink sometime, give me your phone number.

A kiss close, is how it sounds which is getting a kiss from the gal. For kiss closes, if it feels right then you need to man up and go for it. There is no need to over complicate a simple task. It goes with out saying that our goal is to get a lay close, there is quite a few methods out there for this, however it goes beyond this article.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a general guideline for how to pick up girls, but keep in mind there is many situations that require the approach to be tweaked. Eg, when you are talking to girl on the street, you want to go past most steps and go for the number. All you need to do now is to put the skill set you just learned into action and you will be well on your way to being very skilled at picking up women.

An avid pick up artist, who has spent the last 5 years in the field doing research so you can pick up the hotties you desire.

How to Pick Up Girls & & How to pick up women

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