How To Use Pick Up Lines

Once you have confidently approached a woman you like, the next sentence out of your mouth can make or break your picking her up attempt. So it is very crucial to know when and how to use the most effective pick up lines.

So, what are pick up lines? Pick up lines are openers to start a conversation with someone you want to seduce, flirt or to well, pick up. The best pick up lines are original ones which you’ve composed with certain seduction skills because it is original and not cheesy, unless you meant it to be. A good pick up line should also be funny and witty but not corny.

The best thing about original pick up line is that there is almost no danger of having your intending target finding out that you are not using second hand openers or lines already used by many other people and are often repeated until it gets rather artificial and insincere.

For the purpose of this article, I will not dismiss the value of ready made pick up lines but will show you the reasons behind the best and effective pick up lines and some of the worst pick up lines.

Effective Pick Up Lines
”Hi, would you like to dance?” – This good pick up line can only be used effectively if you can dance stylishly and gracefully. Most girls like to dance and if you impress her with your dancing skills, you can even later have a conversation with her about dancing and music in general. If you can’t dance well, then isn’t it about time to start having some dancing lessons?

”Hi, is this seat taken?” – I like this opener because it portrays you as polite and innocent as you are not assuming that a woman sitting beside an empty chair is alone. Your consideration to this fact that she may be reserving the empty seat for someone else shows you have good manners. The best thing about this opener is that it is so unobtrusive that it gives you the opportunity for her to invite you to join her if she is alone. This pick up line is best used in social situations, in nightclubs, bars etc.

”Excuse me, can you help me with?” – This is where you can invent a light task for her to help you with such as reserving the seat beside her for you while you go and get a drink or asking her to referee a game among some friends or naming a song that is being played. This will make her feel as though you are appreciative of her help, opinion or a favor.

Using cheesy or corny pick up lines is not cute and will get her turned off immediately. On the other hand, being clever and confident with your pick up lines can get you to the next level in your attempt to pick her up.

Compliments, when delivered should be delicate and not exaggerated. Compliments must be sincere and true. Believe me, girls know when you are lapping up to her. The objective thus is to create a conversation opener that best reveals your interest and genuine intention.

Bad Pick Up Lines
Here, you will know that why canned readymade pick up lines can get real corny and cheesy and why inventing your own witty and funny original openers is still your best option.

”Hi, you have sexy legs, what time do they open?” – Your male friends may find this line witty and funny, but the girl you deliver this corny pick up line to may well give you a tight slap!

Anytime you imply that a girl is easy because she is dressed provocatively, you are commiting an unforgivable sin in the art of seduction. If she is that hot, do you really think she is interested in hearing you belittling her? This line is utterly insulting to women!

”You must be very tired because you have been running through my head all night” – Ouch! The danger of ready made canned pick up lines! This line is just plain ridiculous because it is being used for ages by thousands if not millions of men. If you do not know this, then must be living in Timbuctoo. Some inexperienced guys would have probably used it on her and she must have heard this line countless time! You won’t want to be the next wussy to bore and insult her, won’t you?

”Hi, can I buy you a drink?” – Another overused pick up line. You see, every beautiful girl at the bar will have all kinds of guys coming up asking to buy her a drink. You just did, didn’t you?

Some girls will just take your free drinks and ignore you because you are no exception from any other guys. Some girls will even feel insulted as if they can’t afford to buy their own drink. Whatever it is, you lose out big time!

Now you see why canned ready made pick up lines can be dangerous to your seduction adventure and the best pick up lines are your own original compositions? So how to compose good and effective pick up lines that work like a charm? But that is for another article.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at Herbal Generic Viagra and Salsa Dance Lessons

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