Learn Several Tips On How To Flirt Correctly.

Learn Several Tips On How To Flirt Correctly.

Is flirting easy? For some lucky blokes, flirting comes naturally. But for the rest, flirting can be a very difficult thing to do. So how do you start flirting?

Flirting is a skill that an average Joe can surely learn with regular practice and knowledge. Listed underneath are several tips on how you can improve your flirting skills.

How not to get rejected.

1. Be yourself – Dont front, and let the real you out! On the other hand, you may need some personality assessment. You need to get the low down as to how “down” you are with the ladies. Do you have an attitude problem? Does your conversation involves you talking about yourself? Do you know how to use those two things on the side of your head? Do you understand that hygiene is important? Do you need a fashion makeover?

The questions I stated earlier are all factors girls consider when checking out a guy.

2. Eye Contact – You need to look a girl straight in the eye when flirting. Just make it a point not to give her way to much attention. Meaning, you can look, but dont stare. Giving a girl hints that you are into her can be done by givving her friendly flirtatious looks.

This can also be used to gauge if she is into you as well. Is she returning the look?

3. Approach her and Make Conversations Naturally – throw all the pick-up lines you know out of the window. Starting things in a casual vibe always works. Keep it short, interesting, light and fun. At this point, stay away from dropping sexual innuendos. Make her comfortable around you first.

Paying attenion to a girl;s body language can help you figure out if she is receptive to what your doing or not. If at any time you feel your game plan is not working, go to plan B.

Figuring out a woman’s body language can be diffucult, but not impossible. You can hone your skills in reading a woman’s body language by talking to you female friends or relatives. And always keep in mind that women love guys who listens to them.

4. Close the deal – Flirting is mostly done for fun; nothing may ever result from it. Its just another way of meeting new people.

A less formal way of hanging out with someone you just met, and maybe get her number in the process.

Flirting needs constant practice. When you see a girl that is your type, practice your flirting skills with her. Remember, flirting involves patience and the understanding of how women think.

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