How to Kiss a Girl and Prevent Rejection

How to Kiss a Girl and Prevent Rejection

Many men do not know when and how to kiss a girl. The idea of kissing someone who might just give you a swift slap back to reality isn’t very promising. The only way to prevent being slapped is to get it right from the start. Here’s what you can do to ensure that she’ll respond your kiss with a kiss as well.


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Know When and How to Kiss a Girl

Perform a Test

You’ll never find out when and how to kiss a girl until you do some test first. The kiss test will help you find out if she wants to be kissed too.

After a fun conversation or date and you suddenly felt the urge of kissing a woman, all you have to do is lean over and touch the tips of her hair while you give her a really sweet compliment. Make sure you have something sweet to say first before you do this or else she would think you’re a psycho. You can tell her these, “I enjoyed your company”, “You look awesome tonight”, “I think you’re great!”, and so on and so forth. You can think of other things to tell her as long as it is sincere.

What is Her Reaction?

Stroking her hair and whispering a compliment to her does not ensure your chance to get a kiss. This is probably the most crucial part of knowing when and how to kiss a girl. Make sure you observe the following signs before you plant a kiss on her lips.

– She did not turn to the opposite side

– She shyly smiles at you

– She starts to tilt her head

If she exhibited 1 or 2 signs mentioned above, proceed to the next step.

The Look

If she did not move away when you stroked her hair, do it once again. Do this while looking at her eyes, down to her lips and back to her eyes again. If she lets you do this without objecting, it’s time for the much-awaited kiss.

The Memorable Kiss

Plant a soft and sweet kiss on her lips. Remember, keep the kiss sweet and soft and no tongue should be involved unless she’s also responding aggressively. If you think she’s holding back, respect her and wait for the right time to do some of the things you want to do. If you don’t want to lose your chance to kiss her again, you have to learn how to control yourself.

What does this Test Imply?

Doing the test gives the girl an impression that you are kind and complimentary because you’re giving her a chance to say no if she’s not up for it. You will make her feel desired but respected at the same time and this will increase your chance with her.

Knowing when and how to kiss a girl is a great skill but if you want to know more macking tactics…

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