How to Pick-up girls at the Gym

How to Pick-up girls at the Gym

pickup girlsIf you want to format, to keep fit and have a daughter in the process, you can really succeed if you go to a gym. But it’s not a done deal, if you just go to a gym and expect to go out with a beautiful woman next to you. You must know how to pick up the girls at the gym before you manage to push a girl. Thus, this article will teach you “how” to pick up girls in the gym.

In fact, you will get better results if pickup girls at the gym compared to when you pick them up in bars. Why? The reason is uncomplicated: you see the girl frequently and you have many chances of catching her eye. This gives you lots of chances to be noticed by the girl you like, compared to being noticed by a girl you see at a club or bar. Additionally, the gym gives you more opportunities to see the girl and interact with her, which thereby increases your chances of getting noticed.

The first step you need to take when attempting to pick up girls at the gym is to look like you are in command of the situation yet still manage to look good. Yes, you are at the gym to work out and exercise but if you look like something that the cat dragged in, the girl will probably turn away in disgust at the sight of you. However, if you also appear like you are just at the gym to look at the sexy women on the treadmill or lifting weights, you also don’t stand a chance. Thus, for this step, you have to be serious in your workout routine but make sure to dress appropriately and be conscious of the way you like while you do your routines.


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Picking up Girls at the Gym

The second step that you must take when picking up girls at the gym is to select a great opener. You can be smooth and suave with your chosen opener so that you don’t scare the girl off. Firstly, you have to choose a pickup line that is related to what you do in the gym. Thus, you can start by saying hi, then asking the girl you like for help on the machine you are using. This works really well if you are new to the gym, so use that fact to your advantage; just keep yourself casual so that you don’t seem desperate.

When the girl notices you and seems interested in helping you with the machine, you can move on to more interesting lines to get her hooked. Thus, you can ask her opinion on something. The proven effective pickup line is this: “Am I gay? I ask because a man just approached me in the locker room.” This opener can break the ice between the two and can give you the opportunity to continue the conversation. Therefore, once you get the girl talking, do not let the conversation die by being fun and self-assured.

In short, you will succeed in attracting a girl at the gym if you send the message across that you are a really nice guy. You can attain this by talking to everyone in the fitness centers, whether guys or gals. Your sociable nature will send the idea that other people like you and that you are considered as someone they can feel safe around. This is important as girls feel comfortable with guys who have the ability to be sociable and friendly. Once you try this tactic, you can bet that you can pickup girls at the gym anytime.

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