How To Steal A Girl From Her Boyfriend

How To Steal A Girl From Her Boyfriend

by Dean Cortez

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re rapping to a girl, and she seems into you…and then she drops the “B” bomb? (AKA, she mentions the fact that she has a BOYFRIEND.)

Well, did you know that it’s actually EASIER to hook up girls who say they have boyfriends?This used to stop me in my tracks. But not any more. Because I came to discover that girls who “say they have boyfriends” can actually be EASIER to get into bed than girls who say they’re single! (If you know the right technique to use…)

In this article I’m going to lay out some of what I call “Boyfriend Annihilation” tactics which have enabled me to bang SEVERAL hot women who allegedly had boyfriends. (That’s what they told me…and it didn’t matter once I used this strategy.)


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How To Steal A Girl From Her Boyfriend

OK, so now I’m going to show you how to handle it when you’re talking to a girl and she says she has a boyfriend.

Rule #1, by the way, is never ASK her if she’s got a boyfriend. She might ask if you’ve got a girlfriend, but even then, you should never ask her about the “B” subject. Wait and see if she brings it up. Even if she asks if you have a girlfriend.)

Next, you need to understand why women SAY they have boyfriends.

In many cases, she drops the “Boyfriend Bomb” during the conversation because she is running a little test on you.

She wants to see how you will react to this piece of information.

The typical guy thinks to himself, “Damn, she’s TAKEN, so I oughtta bail out of this conversation as fast as possible and spare myself any more embarassment…”

They hit the “eject” button and want to end the conversation, because they figure they have no chance…they think she’s “taken…”

However, in most cases the girl mentioned her boyfriend for one of these reasons…

1. She gets approached by a LOT of guys, and this is her way of “screening” them and figuring out which guys are confident and “high value”…and which guys are WEAK, and not worth her time.

Dudes who are confident and UNDERSTAND THE GAME aren’t going to flinch when she mentions some “boyfriend” of hers.

The LOW VALUE guys are going to look disappointed, because now they think they have no chance.

Think of it as a “filter.” She is ONLY mentioning her boyfriend because she wants to see how you will respond.

Is she going to filter you out and put you in the same category as the last 47 chumps who tried to talk to her…or are you going to man up and make her want to bang YOU tonight?

So here are two GREAT ways to play it…

HER: I’ve got a boyfriend.

YOU: Does he treat you well?

HER: I guess so.

YOU: Oh. (short pause) I wouldn’t.

Now THERE is a confident (and funny) response that is going to knock her for a loop!

After you say it, you should smile so that the comment seems playful, not rude. She’ll probably punch you in the arm or laugh, and act shocked that you would dare SAY such a thing! Then you switch topics and keep the conversation flowing, as if her “boyfriend” is totally irrelevant.

(Read the “Conversation Control” chapter in my book Mack Tactics to learn how to completely control the conversation and choose the RIGHT topics to get her talking, laughing, sharing stuff about herself, and feeling ATTRACTED to you…)

The bottom line is, you should never let the “boyfriend thing” faze you. Don’t worry about whether she has one, and if she mentions a boyfriend, treat it like a TEST.

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