How to Talk to a Girl Like an Expert

How to Talk to a Girl Like an Expert

how to talk to a girl

When you know how to talk to a girl, attracting the girl you desire becomes easier. For example, it becomes easier to ask her out, to seduce her and to get into her bed. Did you ever wonder how some men can do it? Maybe these guys were just gifted with the skills. Whatever the reasons are, the bottom line is, the skill of talking to a girl can be acquired. Here are some tips I’ve gathered over the years through experience and observation:


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How to Talk to a Girl

How to Talk to a Girl Tip #1: Never Use Pick Up Lines

Unfortunately, pick up lines don’t work anymore. They’re unoriginal because they’ve been used and recycled by so many guys already. They would think that you just don’t have the intelligence to start a conversation. When you use a pick up line on a girl, she would know you’re just there for sex. In short, this is one of the fastest ways to be rejected

How to Talk to a Girl Tip #2: Don’t Apologize For Talking to Her

It’s a given that you want to come out as a polite and decent man. But this is also one way of showing how you lack self-confidence. Notice how high status men don’t apologize when they talk to a girl or any person on that matter. These men know their worth and because of that, people also react according to how they present themselves. Never surrender your authority over someone. It’s just a matter of looking at yourself in a different light. Believe that you’re fun, interesting and cool so just go ahead and laugh right into it.

How to Talk to a Girl Tip #3: What are Conversation Openers?

Avoid asking close-ended questions. These questions require a yes or no answer. It’s not a very effective tool if you want to talk to a girl since it doesn’t allow a smoothly flowing conversation. You can change these questions so they can be open-ended.

Understanding Neutral Openers. These are conversation openers that allow the girl to express herself more. Instead of apologizing, neutral openers require you to give a reason as to why you’re conversing with her. You don’t have to apologize because you have a valid reason to talk to her plus she’s also compelled to talk back to you. Another advantage is she won’t think you only want to get her laid. Here’s a great example of neutral openers:

“Hey, you’d probably know the answer to this—let me ask you because my friend Jen is coming to town next week and she’s in charge of her best friend’s bachelorette party. She needs to know a really fun place for them to have a girl’s night out. If you were in charge of the party, where would you bring everyone?”

Knowing how to talk to a girl in general requires skill and knowledge of the basics. I can help you with knowledge. On the other hand, as for skill, remember that practice makes perfect. In fact, you can try these on your female friends and see how they react. These are just examples of some of the techniques on how to talk to a girl.

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