How to Use Dirty Pick up Lines

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How to Use Dirty Pick up Lines

dirty ppick up lines

The all-important question in most guys’ minds is this: Do dirty pick up lines really work? This is a tricky question that is answered with a somewhat muddled yes or no. Mostly, guys who use dirty lines on girls get adverse reactions from them: a slap, a glass of margarita on their shirts, and verbal insults. In exceptional instances, guys may get the time of day and have the girl conversing with them. This once in a lifetime opportunity is a great opportunity to grab if only to get the girls talking.

The fundamental and basic topic here is definitely the guys’ tactics when using dirty pick up lines on girls. When guys send off the image of being on edge, stressed, and ill at ease as they say the line, the girls will surely reward them with slaps, insults, and sprinklings of margarita. Quite the opposite, when guys exude confidence with a slight touch of playfulness as they say the line, the girls will reward them accordingly and positively. So, guys have to remember to be the person in authority and the leader of the bunch to help them attract girls.


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Using Dirty Pick up Lines on Girls

A dirty pick up line that could or could not work for you, goes something like this: “What has 142 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk? My zipper.” The frank, uncouth, and tasteless line could just give you a small imprint of a hand on one side of your face. Some girls get really insulted and put-off by such a direct reference to your organ. However, another girl who may be in the mood for some fun and is not offended by your chosen opener could respond to your ploys and flirt right back with her own dirty lines. This is the ideal result, but if you totally ruin the line by acting geeky and mild, the girl will just snub you all night long.

Thus, it must be noted that dirty pick up lines for girls work as great ice breakers of the guys who use them have certain tricks tucked under their belts. So, before guys decide to use a dirty line on a girl, they have to consider the location or the place they are in. A mall is not exactly the best place to use a dirty pick up line. On the other hand, a bar that a guy and a girl have been in for several hours is the exact place to use the dirty line. However, even with the conducive atmosphere provided by the bar, the guys have to deliver the line with a sly smile and a lot of confidence to get the best results.

Dirty pick up lines for girls can be successful if the guys who use them have the necessary skills and talents to say them with ease and to conduct themselves in confident ways. But with the proper delivery of the dirty pick up line, guys have to do it fluently and smoothly. Concerning the manner of the guys when saying the line, they have to show confidence and convey authority. This is important as the girls get the impression that the guys know what they want: getting the girls to talk to them. Guys have to do this to let the girls know that they are important.

To sum it up, dirty pick up lines work well for guys who self-possessed and confident, and who playfully want to chat up a girl. If you think you are not one of those guys, you can work at being one. When you have taken steps to become the confident guy that you want to be, you can easily use dirty pick up lines to get the girl.

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