Learn What Attracts Women

Learn What Attracts Women

what attracts women

It becomes easier to hook up with women if you know what attracts women. When you have this knowledge, you have an advantage over other men. Different women have different taste when it comes to men but there are certain traits that appeal to majority of women. Let’s find out what they are:


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What Attracts Women

What Attracts Women #1: Social Value of Men

Truth be told, women are into men who emanates an aura of authority and power. You don’t have to be the boss of a major company in the country to get their attention. You just have to be that man whom everyone wants to be a part of their circle. Men of authority and power are in control or appear to be in control of things. He’s well-known and well-liked. Women will think that you have an awesome personality and character.

What Attracts Women #2: Be in Control

In addition to social value, men who have a sense of control also attract women. It gives women comfort and a sense of security because they know that their man is well-respected and is also in control.

What Attracts Women #3: Emotionally Unaffected

Truth of the matter is, women gravitate toward men they can’t seem to have. Present yourself in this manner if you really like her. Make her wonder why you suddenly pulled away. They just can’t get over the fact that a guy gives them attention enough to make her feel wanted and then deprive her of his attention again. Because of this, she will do anything to get your attention once again. If you’re really into a girl, this method is the best way to do it.

What Attracts Women #4: When She Feels Good About You

There are several ways to make women feel good about you. Make her talk more and listen to what she is telling you and respond accordingly. When you talk to her, ask strategic questions that will make her talk more. It makes her think that you appreciate her as a woman instead of her body in your bed.

What Attracts Women #5: Uncontrollable

Women are intrigued and are turned on by men they can’t gain control over with. She will always test how you react to her whims by telling you what you need to do. If you don’t give in to her all the time, she’ll wonder if you’re really interested in her and she will do anything to keep you. You may think that this is strange but this is the truth. What attracts women are men they can’t seem to control and they are turned off by man-servants.

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