List Of Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

list of pick up lines to use on girls
list of pick up lines to use on girls

Bad Pick Up Lines – A List of Some Bad Pick Up Lines You Will Surely Want to Avoid

Everyone knows how important it is to have the right pick up lines when you need them. But you cannot always be prepared, or you like the girl so much that you maybe just forgot what you wanted to say. So for you to be prepared, it’s best maybe to just learn a few great pick up lines. However, to have a high rate of positive results you need two things: practice and to know which bad pick up lines to avoid.

Below you can find some really bad pick up lines that you need to just avoid even if you do not really know what to say. Here they are:

1. I want to give you a price with all expenses paid if you agree to go out with me. What do you say?
2. Come home and make love to me today or I will tell everyone that we did it anyway.
3. You stole my heart, but no matter, I have another in the fridge at home.
4. Damn, you have more curves than a Formula 1 circuit.
5. I am not so tall, but I am now sitting on my wallet.
6. Excuse me, did your skirt come from space? Because your ass is from another planet.
7. Excuse me want to dance? Her: NO! You: Perhaps you did not hear well… I just said that you look fat in this dress.
8. Someone told me you do not know how to kiss. Do you want to practice on me?
9. Nice skirt. Can I have it?
10. Be unique and different, say yes!
11. I am lonely and I am sure you are too. And you do not want to be lonely anymore, isn`t that right?
12. What bad pick up lines do I need to avoid if I want to go out with you?
13. Congratulations, you were chosen “The most beautiful girl in this room”, and the prize is to go out with me.
14. You would probably have to leave soon because most of the other girls are jealous of your beauty.
15. Can we talk or we should continue to flirt from the distance?

Or maybe you will get lucky and use one of these bad pick up lines and you actually get a girl to come out with you. However, chances are most likely you will get your face punched. So, really, just stay away from these pick up lines.

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