Mine’s a pint – Shtop ! This woman is not ready yet !

Mine’s a pint – Shtop ! This woman is not ready yet !
pick up women
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Nick takes "picking up a woman" to new extremes, while Joe checks for loose change. Karen didn’t even spill her Guinness.

Best Way To Pick Up Women

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Best Way To Pick Up Women

By: Ritchie Jake
Posted: Jan 04, 2011


Undoubtedly, picking up women requires some skills which you need to acquire in order to pick up women successfully. Everyday, we have been bombarded with dating tips and advice from TV or dating guide different ways of picking up women , all claiming that their way is the best way to pick up women.

Now, who is telling the truth?

Well, what I can say here is there is no one best way to pick up women. Different men have different ways of picking up women and are successful to a certain extent.

Therefore, in here  , I will reveal my personal best way to pick up women to help you increase your success rate in picking up women.

1st best way to pick up women – Shape Up Your body

You probably know by now that there isn’t much changes we can do with our face which we are born with. Therefore, instead of focusing on how to make yourself look better, divert your attention to your body  – work on your body instead ! If you are obese , stick to a healthy diet plan, go to a fitness centre and start working out and burn the fats away ! Compared to the face, our body make up a much bigger proportion and thankfully , we can change our body easily by adhering to a healthy diet and working out.

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Having a fit and toned body will definitely put you ahead of the other guys when it comes to picking up women.

2nd best way to pick up women –  Having a good sense of humour

Things can get awkward at times when you are picking up women. You may find yourself at a lost of words and not knowing how to continue the conversation or keep the conversation flowing.When situations like that occur, having a good sense of humour can help you tackle these awkward situations. If you can get a girl laughing , you are just steps to getting the girl. By making her laugh, she will find you to be an interesting guy and will enjoy hanging around with you more.

3rd Best way to pick up women –  Be exciting , spontaneous and fun-loving

Always remember one thing – men and women go out for a different reason. Men go out to get to know more women while women go out to have more fun. Keeping this in mind , in order to pick up women successfully, you have to be spontaneous and fun-loving. Show the women your exciting side and let her know that hanging out with you is so fun and exciting !

With this in mind, if you are not in good spirits, I will not recommend you to pick up women. I mean, which woman will even bother a guy who approaches them with a gloomy face?

When picking up women, be mentally prepared that she will dismiss you and reject you. Do not emphasize on the outcome, enjoy the process of picking up women.

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Ritchie Jake – About the Author:

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